I hereby now forbid myself from playing video games. 5 Days until my first exam , 10 days until the end of exams. At the rate at which i study (slow.) , i’ll need at least 5 days before the … Read More

Dream – 27th may

So im at home and about to go on a car trip with my dad , someone else and 2 of my grandma’s (kinda.). rush back into the house to get my wallet and phone coz i forgot them the … Read More

Uploader / Uploads

For some reason , the code that was running the file viewing stuff on my uploads folder stopped updating new uploads. Being the PHP genius that i am , i spent an hour playing around with it last night , … Read More

Capsule // Jarate!

This is such an awesome mix. On another topic , holy shit TF2 DOUBLE CLASS UPDATE YAAAASSSSAlso , Jarate! JAAAAAASSSSSS Ive always wanted to play a game other than postal where you can shoot piss at people.


First , (day 6) Someone on the steam forums was very bored and decided to calculate how big the gun actually is… .885 cal apparently. For comparison sake : AWP from CS = .338 calAnti-Vehicle Rifle = .50 … Read More