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I hereby now forbid myself from playing video games.

5 Days until my first exam , 10 days until the end of exams.

At the rate at which i study (slow.) , i’ll need at least 5 days before the start of my first exam to be able to do ok.

This is all the stuff im supposed to know , at minimum.
I think i only actually managed to cover about 80% of the course , and at minimal – medium level of detail too :/
So as you can imagine , learning almost 30 pages of bullet points is not the easiest thing in the world.

Dream – 27th may

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So im at home and about to go on a car trip with my dad , someone else and 2 of my grandma’s (kinda.). rush back into the house to get my wallet and phone coz i forgot them the first time. We get in the car first , the two grandmas come last. Instead of getting in the car , they decide to climb on top of it where there are roof bar things (the type that used to be used for holding roof luggage).
so my dad is like ‘k’ and starts driving, he floors it.
We’re now going like 60 miles an hour through a city,  going around roundabouts and stuff with my 2 grandparents holding on to the roof and nearly flying off multiple times.

We eventually get to our destination , a hotel by the looks of it.

I get in the lift on the 25th floor and hit the ground floor button , i turn around and everyone else im with doesent get in the lift , the doors close.
I realise ive lost my phone and wallet.
Get to the bottom and i hit the 25th floor thing again to go up the building.

This time , the lift floats away from the building and starts traveling around and away from it. I can see the building we just came from… its only 4 stories now. *shrug*
I stare out the window worried , im not keen on heights and here this lift is , floating around at 20something stories high. I start to worry what if the lift breaks and we all fall…
It does.
The lift (its like a glass lift btw so you can see everywhere around you) starts falling in slow motion ,  and tilts on its side. I float inside the lift where its falling so fast.
It hits the floor , i get up and am like ‘fuck.’ , there is another hotel nearby so i go there.
Bitchy lady at the counter says the computer isnt working and is like ‘yeah. just take a room on the 3rd floor’ so i start walking up the stairs.
The building gets progressively colder the higher up i go , by 3rd floor there is icy steam sorta stuff (like in a giant freezer) , its rather cold here.
There is 1 bed left , i start to walk towards it when a guy walks past me and puts his luggage down by that bed – oh also. he’s on fire.
… well.. i dont really wanna steal the cold bed from the guy thats on fire. I walk back down to the receptionist.
Apparently someone by name of Frances Meng made a reservation thing for a room with double bed – only problem is that its in maidenhead , which the receptionist tells me is ‘pretty fuckin’ far y’knooowww’

Weird dream :S

Uploader / Uploads

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For some reason , the code that was running the file viewing stuff on my uploads folder stopped updating new uploads. Being the PHP genius that i am , i spent an hour playing around with it last night , fucked up the website in about 20 different ways duffing around with PHP scripts and htaccess files and at 3am i finally…. gave the fuck up.

So to ‘rectify’ the problem , ive created a new uploads folder… kinda. Well i renamed the old uploads folder to (/archive) and made another uploads folder.
This is kind of useful anyway as the uploads folder currently has around 1.4k files. And some of you may remember that i left a bunch of files behind when i switched server.

So all the old files are now at

And all your new uploads will be in the same place as before.
Have updated the links on the right as appropriate

Shit son – emailed asking how to allow folder viewing and instead they hooked me up with some beast script.
Uploads folder is back and working , and now amazing.

Bedknobs and Boogers

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mm.. been a while since my last post – or it feels like it anyway.

Revising still , i think im almost done with the bulk of my revision ,may need to go back over stuff for extra detail but then its gonna be just learning all of the facts ive condensed down. Its currently at 10k words and 25 pages or something like that. This shit is in condensed bullet points too so its gonna be ridiculombo to learn >_>
I may put the final word document up on here so that you guys can have a look see at all the shit im supposed to learn.
exams are at least semi-far away , relatively. Everyone else’s exams are starting this week i believe but mine start on the 4th and end on the 9th – of which im very thankful.

Went swimming today , we found what are essentially water cinder blocks made out of rubber or something. They just weigh a ton each and make you sink super fast. Is quite fun going to the deep end holding about 5 of them (kinda like holding an additional 4 stone in your hands) and then sinking down to the bottom , jumping up for air and then sinking to the bottom and running around the floor again, i imagine thats  kinda how mario feels what with the giant floaty jumps and such.
Also last night they stole christinas mattress then while she was out looking for it , snuck into her room and rigged up water bombs above her door….. Funny stuff.
Oh also. i got bored this morning and…

phoneto-0161Hoping it will help me stop looking at my keyboard , i CAN touch type , i just have a habit of glancing down at my keyboard every now and then. Also i guess it’ll give particular keys a break – that S in particular is a little worse for wear.

Anime :
Haruhi Season 2 started recently , watched the first episode and it seems pretty cool – direct continuation of the first season it would seem.
In other news , Fairy tail (manga) is getting pretty heated again , its a shame it comes out once a week and when it does you only get about 1 minute of reading time.

TF2 update is stupid. Ive completely given up hope on finding stuff , i guess i’ll just aim for the achievements i havent gotten yet – of which there are alot. Kind of lame that alot of the sniper/spy achievements are to do with the new items though.
The Sims 3 seems to have fucked up for me , im not sure whats on but its periodically running too fast , as in it’ll run normally for 0.8 of a second , then speed up to 3x speed for half a second and then back to normal. Its pretty fucking irritating , and upsetting – just got married ingame too D:
Also , Jason statham flipped the fuck out when he didnt pay his bills and the repo man took his microwave.

ps. yes. title was completely unrelated im afraid.

Capsule // Jarate!

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This is such an awesome mix.

On another topic , holy shit TF2 DOUBLE CLASS UPDATE YAAAASSSS
Also , Jarate! JAAAAAASSSSSS Ive always wanted to play a game other than postal where you can shoot piss at people.

A day in the life of Jason Statham

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Jason first likes to start the day by dressing in a full suit and sitting in front of a shitty pc and play generic looking video games


As he is new in the neighbourhood , the neighbors have come over to visit. JS greets them in his normal way.


Apparently this bitch is not impressed by JS critisizing her family. He proceeds to imply her mother is a llama.


He then decides to cut to the chase and just lay her out.

Finally he heads back into his house to see people watching a shitty movie, he walks in front of them and freaks out.


And what better way to finish the day than….

Yup. rumaging through the bins. His own bins of course – im not sure what he was hoping to find.

Weekend back in Londontown

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Saturday :
Spent most of the day dossing around , did some revision , played some GHWT , ended up playing some patapon. Also went to dim-sum and then went to a family friend’s house for hotpot later on in the night – they were watching britains got talent and then eurovision so i watched some of that too between playing patapon at their house.

Sunday :
Bit of a boring start to the day with revision. Weird lunch of pie and meat on a stick and then went out to Romford to meet frances. Walked around Romford for a bit , looking for an ice cream scoop (coz ive bent far too many spoons at warwick trying to scoop icy creams) and then ended up going to lakeside – little did we know that lakeside on a sunday apparently closes at 5. We arrived at around 5. Not nize.
We needed something to do before heading ‘home’ to sleep so we basically ended up watching Wolverine – she hadnt seen it before and i wasnt too bothered , i figured it would be nice to see what the film is supposed to look like.
Obviously i was pretty disapointed , the scenes where you could blatently see the wires you could tell they used wires anyway , people dont (bbbbb)bounce into the air like that. The cardboard cutouts for helicopters were all placed , little extra sparks here and there , the island was added in , along with the lazer beam blasts from deadpool (THEY REMOVED THE ORANGE CIRCLE COMPLETELY IM FURIOUS.).
It was kind of enlightening , but for the most part kind of boring for me , ah well. There are worse ways to spend a fiver. Headed to nando’s afterwards for some chickenz – got the lemon and herb one , frances thought it was kind of spicy. fml.
Started feeling kind of sick on the bus home and stayed like that until fairly late , went to sleep.

Monday (the big one):
Woke up at 7 o’clock for some reason. saw the time and went back to bed.
Woke up at 9:30 due to alarm , ended up on the bus to the station , figured we should eat before (shit gets real) we head in to london. Ended up getting a pretty big jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn – yum , the sick feeling from yesterday starts to creep up again… but backs off fairly quickly. District line to westminster, i thought id take her to the london aquarium , she likes animals – fish are animals i thought to myself.
She seemed to like it , big fish small fish cardboard box etc , turtles , ugly fish , neon fish  ,  noteworthy mentions include:
– fish which was apparently worth £250,000 – it was huge and golden coloured , supposedly asians like it because they’re good for prosperity.
– fish which float up to the surface , stick their head above water and use ‘water gun’ to shoot down prey (or in this case , shrimp stuck to the wall above the tank)
– pirahnnas which arent as vicious as you’d think , they did fuck up whatever fish was thrown into that tank though.
– the shark room , which is above the shark tank , has a glass floor and you can walk along it. Dared frances to jump on the glass, she wouldnt.
Left the aquarium then , walked to trafalgar square to sit around for a bit , went to trocedero to look around , new stuff:
– Razing Storm (?) or some game to that effect , its kind of like time crisis mixed with crisis zone but with a few changes , like destructible enviroments and being able to see over your shield without taking damage , which doesent make much sense realistically.
– Museum nightmare or something , which is a lightgun game , looked kinda fun.
– DDR X machine , sporting big widescreen display.
– Guitar hero arcade , which is £1 per song, or £2 for a ‘premium song’ which is probably a song which has been played in the last week or something idk.
Kind of disapointed in the lack of new games since ive been but oh well – also not sure where Jubeat disapeared to. I heard there were SFIV cabs in there as well but i didnt see any so i guess they took them out , also disapointing lack of DJmax Technica.
Went into tokyotoys to take a look around , fairly depressing amount of otaku stuff , figures , costumes , and the like. Accessories i dont think are so bad , but when you’re paying £18 for a fabric poster thing , or £80 for a 1/8 model Hatsune Miku figurine you know your life has taken a turn for the worse.
From here i think we just didnt know where to go (it was only about 5-6pm and my coach was at 9:30pm) so we ended up walking in a random direction , it took us…. to the red light district! odd that.
Saw odd posters for ‘Black Balled 5’ and ‘Jock strapped’ featuring muscley naked blackballed men / muscley naked whiteballed men , not sure if they were advertisments for a musical or a DVD or what.
A little more walking down the street, past XXX shops left and right and we saw a club/bar called ‘G-A-Y’.  i deemed it rather gay and kept walking.

More walking and we ended up in covent garden somehow , stopped to watch the statue man , juggling man on giant unicycle , guitar man etc and then started heading back towards picadilly.
Ended up walking down chinatown and then to the park in leister square. Wasted time here and there , went to get subway , ate it , wondered around abit more , watched the crazy people on the DDR/PIU machines and then headed to Victoria for the bus station. Thought i should go to the toilet before i got to the bus station since they try to charge you stupid amounts in there. Went to a toilet in the food court area attached to Victoria station. There were toll barriers here as well but nobody was around , 20p? fuck that. I slipped under the barrier and did my thing. On the way out i was greeted by a large black woman. I tried to walk through the barrier but picked the wrong one.
“Oh good job you deednt paey”
i was silent. i had been caught D: i tried the other barrier and it was the exit , i walked out of the toilet
“um hello? excooz me? EXCOOZ ME YOU DEEDNT PAY”
I kept walking , without looking back , hurried my pace.
Thankfully she didnt persue , otherwise things could have gotten messy , not sure what i would have done if a security officer started coming at me , probably have ran i guess.
Got to the bus station at 9:10, bus was at 9:30.
Waited around , talked etc until the bus came and then got on the bus. Probably the emptiest megabus ever , 63 spare seats upstairs – or so i was told by the driver. Everyone upstairs had about 3-4 rows to themselves , which was nice and relaxing. the bus drives damn fast as well at night time. Home in about 2 hours. Ended up buying an ice cream scoop from tesco at warwick at around midnight.


Happy 1 year to us.


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Its weird how after being at warwick for a while you forgot how much of a ghetto ‘back home’ actually is.

On the shortish bus trip going from becontree station to home where i live , i had the please of seeing about a dozen black people , 3 dozen chavs , a dozen black chavs (admittantly the same ones as the normal black people) , some chavs kicking the side of a bus as it drove off and then shouting at it , police sirens coming from two completely different directions…

Scummy indeed , but at the end of the day , i guess its still home.

I totally forgot how long it actually is to get back home from warwick , i left cryfield at about 5:30 and only got to london at 9pm , megabus being 40 minutes late may have had something to do with it , but regardless it took me until about 11pm to get back home (after stopping off at dave’s house and having his family pretend to not be in – i guess i have a menacing looking silouette).
Faces i got from family back home were pretty priceless , i didnt tell anyone i was coming back so i just sorta showed up and got double looks from both parents. Good stuff. Unfortunately with the ‘surprise’ comes the recoil , in that everyone seems to be going out tomorrow – mum is working all day and dad is gonna be doing god knows what and even my brother is going out with some friends. I guess i’ll be at home studying ~.~ (speaking of which , ‘mengspersonalinformation.docx’ is just my revision notes , not actually any personal information , sorry to disappoint. – its also password protected. Just because i can.)


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im sure its just because i really should be revising , but this morning i had the hugest urge to play WoW ever. Dont know whats up with that.

I also found out that apparently Blizzard is making another MMO and it’ll be a completely new and original game , sounds good to me.

On the revision plate today , Genetics! Who knew that 1 cell turning into 2 cells could be so complicated.

Life burns

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So i thought id practically give myself the week off lectures , we only had 4 this week and i read over most of them over the weekend so i could justify not going. This has lead to late nights and late morning – and generally speaking from morning to night ive been attempting my hardest to study.
Often distracted by games , people or just myself wanting to dodge doing some work.
This is the main reason why there hasnt really been any posts of late , because theres absoloutely nothing happening in my life.
Unless you guys want 14 posts of ‘today. i did the kidneys, there are a fuckton of hormones in there for no real reason at all and we have to learn them all. my personal favorite is angiotensin II because it reminds me of ANGER-TENSE IN , the 2nd. which would probably make a really good film about a guy who kills people with his abs.”

While im here , new MS Paint adventures story is kind of rubbish so far. Cant really see where it can go – maybe it just cant touch Problem sleuth , which was a thousand something pages of awesome. This new guy just aint cuttin it.

Cake Party

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On sunday everyone was like ‘yay! lets make cakes!’ so they did.


phoneto-0146He put thyme and rosemary in it , and i dont even know what the hell is on the top , cheese with flour and milk or something i heard.

Best tasting chicken cake ive had yet.

Original Prankster

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^Bed in a tree. But then what about his room?

200 spoons baby. Proud to say i stuck the ones on the ceiling , the ones on the posters are pretty good though.


Meanwhile in another part of cryfield…


James left his room open, his room was then swiftly relocated to the kitchen.


And the kitchen swiftly relocated to his room.

They also duct taped the front of sonals door , but i dont have a picture of that :<

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