The water looks clearer from above

Yeah… those 80something infections on my last post?


Moving on.

Went swimming today , apparently if you just romp through the cupboard near the life guard lady you can just take all the stuff in there. We got a bunch of these little diving sticks and rings which are basically weighted at one end so that that sit on the floor of the swimming pool with it sticking upwards so they’re easy to grab.
Spent a good hour or so just diving down and picking stuff up from the deep end.
Ive been trying to train myself to be able to see underwater without goggles because i dont have any , its not going particuarly well and ive made pretty much zero progress – until today! I discovered that by super squinting your eyes you can look around underwater without it hurting too much , its rather cloudy down there. I think my main problem is that its just reflex to close your eyes when water touches them and until i get round that i wont be able to do that shit properly.
I also learned how to shoot rings of air underwater today , duncan showed me , he looked strangely like a mudkip or something using a shoot rings of water attack, or some sort of underwater turret.

Later on in the day , went to see slumdog Millionaire , unfortunately when we got to the art centre we found out that elaine had read the time wrong. We were there for 8:30. the film started at 6:30. FAIL ELAINE.
We then decided to trek through the nearby forest and get completely lost , we wondered out on the other side of campus around an hour later.

Studying done today = 0
Computer Fixing done today = Not enough
Walk done today = Fair bit
Swimming Done today = Fair bit i guess
Eating Done today = Chips and Fish fingers (holy shit i forgot how awesome fish fingers are) , and leftover lloyd grosman spagbol. Yum.
Drinking done today = 1 glass of strawberry ribena and some lychee juice.