as the guys on vent know , i got a virus recently – from trying to make a viral video rather ironically. (installing vegas)

I got the win32/Parite , which didnt seem so bad at first – until i found out its one of the most damaging viruses around – and a total cock to get off your system.

2 full AVG virus scans , 1 regedit , 1 disabling of system recovery , 1 Full windows XP Reinstall/format , 1 downloading of NOD32 and the motherfucker is STILL on my system.

It is very close to have destroying everything on my computer , i believe about only half my games are still intact, every .exe in my programs was infected and destroyed , everything in my F:/Backup , everything in my G:/OVERFLOW , F:/WipePrep….

Essentially , PC = Fucked.

It even fucked up my AoC , dont even know if i’ll be able to get that back to working ~.~

Definately the worst virus ive ever had (out of.. 4?)

Still scanning on NOD32 now , 83 infiltrations found so far. >_>”
oh. it infected my E:/Gamestuff and emulator folders…
not nize. 🙁