So after playing Age of Conan today trying not to get molested by level 25 barbarians…

We went to the swimming pool , we’ve been going semi often recently for the diving treasure hunt thingies. After about an hour and a half of being in the pool , they start segmenting the shallow end off , we decide to stay for a little longer so i went to the toilet. On the way back to the deeper end of the pool i see some of the guys i came with in shallow side (which had been segmented off). A girl approaches me from the water ‘Wanna play?’
‘You’re in uni , you gotta try everything once at least’ sam says to me from the water. I guess he’s right , i went over to the other side where all the gear was.
Aftwer spending 5 minutes or so trying to find some flippers that fit me (ended up in 9’s) we went into the water and was given
1x Glove (yes. 1.)
1x Wooden Spoon paddle looking contraption.
1x Goggles
1x Snorkel

We jump into the water.
I had no idea flippers were so awkward to move around in. You cant turn your feet without extreme pressure and it puts a lot of stress on your ankles when you try to swim.
Ive been snorkeling once when i was in florida on holiday so that bit wasnt so bad at least.

The jist of the game then , move a very heavy puck across the bottom of the swimming pool floor , and get it in the opposite teams goal.  The catch is that the bottom of the swimming pool floor is too deep to be able to use your snorkel , so you have to dive down and swim underwater to move the puck , its also incredibly hard to pass.
Its essentially Hockey – without oxygen.


^Artists impression of what meng looks like whilst playing octopush. – probably not very accurate.

Also , be prepared to run out of breath alot , get kicked in the face/stomach/groin with flippers , have your hand smacked by other peoples paddles , get stabbed with the paddles , have water go in your goggles , have water go down your tube , and get cramps – i did all.

It was a fun experience i suppose , although probably not one id soon repeat just because it was so very tiring – no oxygen = bad.