Widescreen blog?

Im currently in the process of TRYING to get my blog to display in the new wider format, for the most part it seems to be working aside from i need to replace the banner at the top of the page.

if anybody notices anything funny please tell me in the comments , i dont browse my blog as much as you guys do so i’ll never find this shit. My CSS coding is shoddy at best and so theres bound to be tons of stuff that doesent look right.

I also updated my blog to 2.71 , i have no idea what version it was on before but it was  clearly really fucking old because the interface in the admin mode has had a complete overhaul.

EDIT : aight. Done with the new banner and background fade. HD Ready? 200 pixels off but i dont really want to excluse anyone on resolutions lower than ….. whatever the res is that comes after 1024×768 – which is what the blog is now displaying at. An extra 200 pixels from before.