Crank : High Voltage (2009)


So we went to Coventry to watch Crank 2 yesterday , being that it is a film on dying end of its release (in that it probably wont be showing in cinemas next week) and that it was a bank holiday monday – the entire theatre was empty except for us (me , and 4/5 of next years housemates). Let the film begin then!
The film started off silly and nonsensical,  introducing crack whore chinese lady and transexual brother of the other transexual guy from crank 1. It then started becoming more ridiculous as time went on
The following graph sums up the ridiculous factor in the film pretty well i feel –

The film also has tits. lots and lots of tits. Like… way more than the first film , i imagine they had a goal of everytime they ran out of ideas in their board meeting they agreed to put some tits in the film to symbolize this. The film’s plot is like everything else in the film – ridiculous.

I dont even know what else to say , if you want more of the same ridiculous, fast paced but nonsensical action that was in the first crank – watch this film. It takes everything amazing about the first film and hooks it up to a power pack. Worth noting that this film is best watched as a comedy rather than an actual action flick.

Meng Rating :


8/8 Inverted Sean Connerys
Amazing film – although at points (godzilla) its a little too ridiculous for its own good , but you’ll forgive it after watching the end sequence. (Fuuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkk yooooooooooo cheliossssssssssssshhhh)