Few games we been playing


^Splinter cell chaos theory , the game which was made to be played with objectives , straight up spies VS mercs deathmatch doesent work at all since mercs essentially get god mode and spies get about as much killing power as an origami duck (you can maybe stab someone in the eye with it i guess?) Nonetheless , it can be pretty fun when you manage to get the sneak/jump on someone and snap their neck.


^We also tried the Warhammer online beta about a week ago , i was going to do a full blog post at the time but thought id wait until i got more picture , then we all stopped playing. The game does have a lot of cool features , the open world PvP and how it does public quests for example is very cool – the problem lies in that nobody plays the game (probably because people that join see that nobody plays the game). This obviously leads to long queues for PvP and nobody in the open world pvp areas with public quests rendered impossible by the lack of players. It also seems to lack the addiction factor which WoW has , much the same with every MMO i play nowadays – i just feel no urge to keep playing unlike that which i got whilst playing WoW. *shrugs*