Life burns

So i thought id practically give myself the week off lectures , we only had 4 this week and i read over most of them over the weekend so i could justify not going. This has lead to late nights and late morning – and generally speaking from morning to night ive been attempting my hardest to study.
Often distracted by games , people or just myself wanting to dodge doing some work.
This is the main reason why there hasnt really been any posts of late , because theres absoloutely nothing happening in my life.
Unless you guys want 14 posts of ‘today. i did the kidneys, there are a fuckton of hormones in there for no real reason at all and we have to learn them all. my personal favorite is angiotensin II because it reminds me of ANGER-TENSE IN , the 2nd. which would probably make a really good film about a guy who kills people with his abs.”

While im here , new MS Paint adventures story is kind of rubbish so far. Cant really see where it can go – maybe it just cant touch Problem sleuth , which was a thousand something pages of awesome. This new guy just aint cuttin it.