Its weird how after being at warwick for a while you forgot how much of a ghetto ‘back home’ actually is.

On the shortish bus trip going from becontree station to home where i live , i had the please of seeing about a dozen black people , 3 dozen chavs , a dozen black chavs (admittantly the same ones as the normal black people) , some chavs kicking the side of a bus as it drove off and then shouting at it , police sirens coming from two completely different directions…

Scummy indeed , but at the end of the day , i guess its still home.

I totally forgot how long it actually is to get back home from warwick , i left cryfield at about 5:30 and only got to london at 9pm , megabus being 40 minutes late may have had something to do with it , but regardless it took me until about 11pm to get back home (after stopping off at dave’s house and having his family pretend to not be in – i guess i have a menacing looking silouette).
Faces i got from family back home were pretty priceless , i didnt tell anyone i was coming back so i just sorta showed up and got double looks from both parents. Good stuff. Unfortunately with the ‘surprise’ comes the recoil , in that everyone seems to be going out tomorrow – mum is working all day and dad is gonna be doing god knows what and even my brother is going out with some friends. I guess i’ll be at home studying ~.~ (speaking of which , ‘mengspersonalinformation.docx’ is just my revision notes , not actually any personal information , sorry to disappoint. – its also password protected. Just because i can.)