Weekend back in Londontown

Saturday :
Spent most of the day dossing around , did some revision , played some GHWT , ended up playing some patapon. Also went to dim-sum and then went to a family friend’s house for hotpot later on in the night – they were watching britains got talent and then eurovision so i watched some of that too between playing patapon at their house.

Sunday :
Bit of a boring start to the day with revision. Weird lunch of pie and meat on a stick and then went out to Romford to meet frances. Walked around Romford for a bit , looking for an ice cream scoop (coz ive bent far too many spoons at warwick trying to scoop icy creams) and then ended up going to lakeside – little did we know that lakeside on a sunday apparently closes at 5. We arrived at around 5. Not nize.
We needed something to do before heading ‘home’ to sleep so we basically ended up watching Wolverine – she hadnt seen it before and i wasnt too bothered , i figured it would be nice to see what the film is supposed to look like.
Obviously i was pretty disapointed , the scenes where you could blatently see the wires you could tell they used wires anyway , people dont (bbbbb)bounce into the air like that. The cardboard cutouts for helicopters were all placed , little extra sparks here and there , the island was added in , along with the lazer beam blasts from deadpool (THEY REMOVED THE ORANGE CIRCLE COMPLETELY IM FURIOUS.).
It was kind of enlightening , but for the most part kind of boring for me , ah well. There are worse ways to spend a fiver. Headed to nando’s afterwards for some chickenz – got the lemon and herb one , frances thought it was kind of spicy. fml.
Started feeling kind of sick on the bus home and stayed like that until fairly late , went to sleep.

Monday (the big one):
Woke up at 7 o’clock for some reason. saw the time and went back to bed.
Woke up at 9:30 due to alarm , ended up on the bus to the station , figured we should eat before (shit gets real) we head in to london. Ended up getting a pretty big jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn – yum , the sick feeling from yesterday starts to creep up again… but backs off fairly quickly. District line to westminster, i thought id take her to the london aquarium , she likes animals – fish are animals i thought to myself.
She seemed to like it , big fish small fish cardboard box etc , turtles , ugly fish , neon fish  ,  noteworthy mentions include:
– fish which was apparently worth £250,000 – it was huge and golden coloured , supposedly asians like it because they’re good for prosperity.
– fish which float up to the surface , stick their head above water and use ‘water gun’ to shoot down prey (or in this case , shrimp stuck to the wall above the tank)
– pirahnnas which arent as vicious as you’d think , they did fuck up whatever fish was thrown into that tank though.
– the shark room , which is above the shark tank , has a glass floor and you can walk along it. Dared frances to jump on the glass, she wouldnt.
Left the aquarium then , walked to trafalgar square to sit around for a bit , went to trocedero to look around , new stuff:
– Razing Storm (?) or some game to that effect , its kind of like time crisis mixed with crisis zone but with a few changes , like destructible enviroments and being able to see over your shield without taking damage , which doesent make much sense realistically.
– Museum nightmare or something , which is a lightgun game , looked kinda fun.
– DDR X machine , sporting big widescreen display.
– Guitar hero arcade , which is £1 per song, or £2 for a ‘premium song’ which is probably a song which has been played in the last week or something idk.
Kind of disapointed in the lack of new games since ive been but oh well – also not sure where Jubeat disapeared to. I heard there were SFIV cabs in there as well but i didnt see any so i guess they took them out , also disapointing lack of DJmax Technica.
Went into tokyotoys to take a look around , fairly depressing amount of otaku stuff , figures , costumes , and the like. Accessories i dont think are so bad , but when you’re paying £18 for a fabric poster thing , or £80 for a 1/8 model Hatsune Miku figurine you know your life has taken a turn for the worse.
From here i think we just didnt know where to go (it was only about 5-6pm and my coach was at 9:30pm) so we ended up walking in a random direction , it took us…. to the red light district! odd that.
Saw odd posters for ‘Black Balled 5’ and ‘Jock strapped’ featuring muscley naked blackballed men / muscley naked whiteballed men , not sure if they were advertisments for a musical or a DVD or what.
A little more walking down the street, past XXX shops left and right and we saw a club/bar called ‘G-A-Y’.  i deemed it rather gay and kept walking.

More walking and we ended up in covent garden somehow , stopped to watch the statue man , juggling man on giant unicycle , guitar man etc and then started heading back towards picadilly.
Ended up walking down chinatown and then to the park in leister square. Wasted time here and there , went to get subway , ate it , wondered around abit more , watched the crazy people on the DDR/PIU machines and then headed to Victoria for the bus station. Thought i should go to the toilet before i got to the bus station since they try to charge you stupid amounts in there. Went to a toilet in the food court area attached to Victoria station. There were toll barriers here as well but nobody was around , 20p? fuck that. I slipped under the barrier and did my thing. On the way out i was greeted by a large black woman. I tried to walk through the barrier but picked the wrong one.
“Oh good job you deednt paey”
i was silent. i had been caught D: i tried the other barrier and it was the exit , i walked out of the toilet
“um hello? excooz me? EXCOOZ ME YOU DEEDNT PAY”
I kept walking , without looking back , hurried my pace.
Thankfully she didnt persue , otherwise things could have gotten messy , not sure what i would have done if a security officer started coming at me , probably have ran i guess.
Got to the bus station at 9:10, bus was at 9:30.
Waited around , talked etc until the bus came and then got on the bus. Probably the emptiest megabus ever , 63 spare seats upstairs – or so i was told by the driver. Everyone upstairs had about 3-4 rows to themselves , which was nice and relaxing. the bus drives damn fast as well at night time. Home in about 2 hours. Ended up buying an ice cream scoop from tesco at warwick at around midnight.


Happy 1 year to us.