Bedknobs and Boogers

mm.. been a while since my last post – or it feels like it anyway.

Revising still , i think im almost done with the bulk of my revision ,may need to go back over stuff for extra detail but then its gonna be just learning all of the facts ive condensed down. Its currently at 10k words and 25 pages or something like that. This shit is in condensed bullet points too so its gonna be ridiculombo to learn >_>
I may put the final word document up on here so that you guys can have a look see at all the shit im supposed to learn.
exams are at least semi-far away , relatively. Everyone else’s exams are starting this week i believe but mine start on the 4th and end on the 9th – of which im very thankful.

Went swimming today , we found what are essentially water cinder blocks made out of rubber or something. They just weigh a ton each and make you sink super fast. Is quite fun going to the deep end holding about 5 of them (kinda like holding an additional 4 stone in your hands) and then sinking down to the bottom , jumping up for air and then sinking to the bottom and running around the floor again, i imagine thatsĀ  kinda how mario feels what with the giant floaty jumps and such.
Also last night they stole christinas mattress then while she was out looking for it , snuck into her room and rigged up water bombs above her door….. Funny stuff.
Oh also. i got bored this morning and…

phoneto-0161Hoping it will help me stop looking at my keyboard , i CAN touch type , i just have a habit of glancing down at my keyboard every now and then. Also i guess it’ll give particular keys a break – that S in particular is a little worse for wear.

Anime :
Haruhi Season 2 started recently , watched the first episode and it seems pretty cool – direct continuation of the first season it would seem.
In other news , Fairy tail (manga) is getting pretty heated again , its a shame it comes out once a week and when it does you only get about 1 minute of reading time.

TF2 update is stupid. Ive completely given up hope on finding stuff , i guess i’ll just aim for the achievements i havent gotten yet – of which there are alot. Kind of lame that alot of the sniper/spy achievements are to do with the new items though.
The Sims 3 seems to have fucked up for me , im not sure whats on but its periodically running too fast , as in it’ll run normally for 0.8 of a second , then speed up to 3x speed for half a second and then back to normal. Its pretty fucking irritating , and upsetting – just got married ingame too D:
Also , Jason statham flipped the fuck out when he didnt pay his bills and the repo man took his microwave.

ps. yes. title was completely unrelated im afraid.