Uploader / Uploads

For some reason , the code that was running the file viewing stuff on my uploads folder stopped updating new uploads. Being the PHP genius that i am , i spent an hour playing around with it last night , fucked up the website in about 20 different ways duffing around with PHP scripts and htaccess files and at 3am i finally…. gave the fuck up.

So to ‘rectify’ the problem , ive created a new uploads folder… kinda. Well i renamed the old uploads folder to (/archive) and made another uploads folder.
This is kind of useful anyway as the uploads folder currently has around 1.4k files. And some of you may remember that i left a bunch of files behind when i switched server.

So all the old files are now at http://mengsbizarreadventure.com/archive

And all your new uploads will be in the same place as before.
Have updated the links on the right as appropriate

Shit son – emailed one.com asking how to allow folder viewing and instead they hooked me up with some beast script.
Uploads folder is back and working , and now amazing.