Dream – 27th may

So im at home and about to go on a car trip with my dad , someone else and 2 of my grandma’s (kinda.). rush back into the house to get my wallet and phone coz i forgot them the first time. We get in the car first , the two grandmas come last. Instead of getting in the car , they decide to climb on top of it where there are roof bar things (the type that used to be used for holding roof luggage).
so my dad is like ‘k’ and starts driving, he floors it.
We’re now going like 60 miles an hour through a city,  going around roundabouts and stuff with my 2 grandparents holding on to the roof and nearly flying off multiple times.

We eventually get to our destination , a hotel by the looks of it.

I get in the lift on the 25th floor and hit the ground floor button , i turn around and everyone else im with doesent get in the lift , the doors close.
I realise ive lost my phone and wallet.
Get to the bottom and i hit the 25th floor thing again to go up the building.

This time , the lift floats away from the building and starts traveling around and away from it. I can see the building we just came from… its only 4 stories now. *shrug*
I stare out the window worried , im not keen on heights and here this lift is , floating around at 20something stories high. I start to worry what if the lift breaks and we all fall…
It does.
The lift (its like a glass lift btw so you can see everywhere around you) starts falling in slow motion ,  and tilts on its side. I float inside the lift where its falling so fast.
It hits the floor , i get up and am like ‘fuck.’ , there is another hotel nearby so i go there.
Bitchy lady at the counter says the computer isnt working and is like ‘yeah. just take a room on the 3rd floor’ so i start walking up the stairs.
The building gets progressively colder the higher up i go , by 3rd floor there is icy steam sorta stuff (like in a giant freezer) , its rather cold here.
There is 1 bed left , i start to walk towards it when a guy walks past me and puts his luggage down by that bed – oh also. he’s on fire.
… well.. i dont really wanna steal the cold bed from the guy thats on fire. I walk back down to the receptionist.
Apparently someone by name of Frances Meng made a reservation thing for a room with double bed – only problem is that its in maidenhead , which the receptionist tells me is ‘pretty fuckin’ far y’knooowww’

Weird dream :S