Cleaning out…

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So cleaning out my stuff , found a pot thingy and inside i have found….
– Random bag containing
phonepic-0056— 1x Random Small Key
— 2x Allen Key
— Maybe 5 dollars or so in american change?
—1x Keyring
—1x Random Smaller Key
—2x Crushed Pennies from Design/Technology in school

Also , picture of the rest of the pot thingy.
– GBA Link cable
– Old Wallet
– New Wallet
– Archery Tab
– Permenant markers (x6)
– Spool of thread
– Giant Rubber band
– Fin shaped keyring
– 4x Floppy Disks
– Random change
– Bouncy Ball
– Mints

Friday Friday *sob*

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Today is the day my first year of university ends.
I have packed more or less everything already and am just waiting for my mum to appear so we can start loading stuff into the car…


After loading the stuff into the car and all that , went back home – 3 hour drive or so.

When i got home and set up my pc and all that  , discovered that apparaently someone has found their way into my WoW account and changed the password.
They then tried upgrading my account to the burning crusade , signed up for the WoTLK trial and put a recurring subscription onto my account with a debit card that wasnt mine.
Of course i only noticed the latter of this while i was about to send off an account hijacked email to blizzard support , went to copy paste the VISA number in and was like ‘… wait a minute….’
I password recovered my account and changed my email password , someone tried requesting a password recovery on my account – which sent another email to me.
Waiting until later in the day to check again , it seems the upgrade got canceled or didnt go through and they canceled the recurring subscription , it looks like they paid for a month of subscription for me though *shrugs*.

Spent the rest of the night playing Evil Genius , which is an absoloutely awesome game – reminds me alot of theme hospital or something , only with henchmen and evil stuff. Definately worth a play.

Thursday Thursday Thursdaaaay~

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Thursday , exam results day.
I woke up around 11:40 , we’re allowed to go and collect our results at 12 , i figured if i woke up as late as possible i wouldnt have much time to worry about what my results are going to be.
I ended up waiting for 20 minutes outside my tutors room anyway.
Eventually got in , “uh yeah i think you did pretty well you got a uh…..2.1 overall ~ oh wait no no no sorry , sorry…..”
Bastard read my result wrong.

Turns out i got a 2.2 overall , 55%Passed all of my modules but my two main modules and my coursework brought me down from a 2.1 which is a huge shame. (Proteins genes and genetics , which is a core module – i got a 47% on lol)The two exams which went the worst for me , turned out to be my highest marks , 64 and 65% respectively.
Huge relief to find out that i dont have to retake shit at least. Thank gawd.

Spent a an hour or so just chilling out and listening to music (doing yesterdays blog post etc) and then eventually luke burst into my room and was like “‘we’re making the slip and slide….”

phonepic-0029“…in the corridor”

It was awesome , we also propped up a mattress against the wall so you could sprint down the length of the hall and then bounce off the mattress at the end.
The main problem however is that the surrounding carpet is actually made of blue sandpaper , carefully camoflagued to look like normal carpet. Also worth pointing out that the doorframe there is pretty much a fucking death trap. Also also worth pointing out that riding on it on your feet is practically suicide – everyone who tried got hurt.

Damage report:
Luke – Large bruise on forehead
Ian – Possibly crunched rib from slamming into wall too hard
Annie – Hurt her back trying to run on it and falling straight backwards
Me – Skin on right knee is missing , both ankles fucked from smacking the doorframe.

Cant remember what i did after that , but eventually we headed to Varsity which is the university pub sorta thing , thursday night is £1 drinks night – i also had some alcohol from the previous night (drinking games) which didnt get used so i brougth that along , about a litre of green stuff – i dont even know what it was but it was green and tasted green.
Getting to the door of the pub the bouncer was like ‘you cant take that in.’
So i slotted it , rather fast i might add. Big mistake since i had only recently finished a giant ‘clear out your freezer’ meal consisting of about 10 chicken nuggets and a small lorry of wedges.
Cant remember a huge amount of what happened after that  , mostly insignificant stuff. I did sample the shots though , which all came in litte test tube thingies which i thought was pretty cool.
Had 2 Cola ones (which tasted like cola cube thingies :D ) , white chocolate , Strawberries and cream , Sour apple , Blueberry and i think another one which i cant remember , also drank about 3 or 4 pints of purple before stumbling back to cryfield and crashing onto my bed.

Had the worst fucking headache trying to get to sleep, all i could imagine was pieces of my mind (as in glass shards of it) and they were all different colours and shiny and id try to put them back together but whenever i would touch them it would be a sharp pain in my head. Bad stuff.
Woke up at 11:30 , making for a rough 12 hours of sleep last night :X

ps. oh yeah  , i also abused the hell out of the university file sharing network at some point and downloaded around 150gb of stuff including….
2 seasons of inbetweeners
Evil genius (game)
Star ocean first departure + second evolution for PSP
Microsoft flight sim X
25 GB of roms consisting of all of the GBA , GBC , N64 , SNES and Megadrive games ever made.
Sid meiers alpha centuri (no idea why.)
Defense Grid (game)
Dungeon Keeper 2
Metal Slug 1-5
Act of War (game)
Supreme Commander (game)
2 seasons of big bang theory (apparently – i dont remember queuing this :S )
44 Disney films (30gb worth)
2gb of Live at the Apollo
20 James bond films
about 40 episodes of bleach to get me back up to date

Pretty much all of which i dont even want and will never watch , but hey – this terrabyte harddrive aint gonna fill itself eh.

Wednesday Wednesday…. It just doesent have the same ring :/

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Worryingly , i think the first half of my day (as in from wake up til about 5pm) was spent playing ‘The Last Remnant’ , mainly because cryfield was empty as fuck – no idea why.
I did go out to play Jungle Speed , which is kind of like Snap , but playing it with 2-10 people , everyone gets dealt cards and you go round in a circle laying a card each , there is somewhat of a totem in the middle of the circle and if your card matches with someone else’s card you have to grab the totem (but if you fumble it / grab it at the wrong time you have to pick up all the cards) you can then give your cards to whoever your card matched to. The special cards also have colours and stuff though and occasionally a ‘colour card’ get laid in which case you go by colours for matching , theres like 4 colours , we was playing in a circle of about 6 so… yeah.
pic113072_mdWould also like to point out that its more than easy to grab the totem at the wrong time because half the shapes look the fucking same.
I kept failing continually because my brain obviously doesent respond to things which do not have heads , eventually gave the fuck up and threw the cards down.

later in the day , we watched ‘The Machine Girl’ – the story of a girl whose brother gets killed by the yakuza , they then chop off her arm and she… replaces her arm with a minigun.

machinegirlA brief review of the film then.
– It has Power ranger ninjas which wear addidas striped outfits
– She gets a chainsaw attachment
– One of the final bosses uses a ‘Drill bra’ , and then hugs the machine girl , features detailed boob drillage and mangling
– Blood fountains which make kill bill look realistic
– More decapitations than your average Age of Conan PVP session
– Did i mention the ninjas?
– The final boss uses a spikey bucket style weapon
– She gets her arm coated in batter and then dipped into a deep fryer at one point and has a crispy looking layer on it
Ridiculous over the top deaths

Id say this trailer sums it up pretty well

Definately 5/5 inverted…. wait… who is that?
Later in the night we went to Coventry to go to Ignite , of course it was closed – so we had to go to Lava (the downstairs club) , it wasnt a student night so we had an opportunity to see the normal coventry folk – and by that i mean holy fuck was there a lot of chavs. About 5 minutes after getting into the club and going to queue for a drink i had a 30 year old 6ft beefy bald guy doing a jig and shouting BOOA BOOOA – how the fuck does one respond to that , There was also very almost about 4 fights during the 3 hours we were there – which is kind of impressive i guess.
Walked home from coventry which took an hour or so but was nice to just talk and shit.

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesdaaaay~~

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Spent most of today playing The Last remnant , the previously unkillable boss was taken down pretty easy by some stroke of luck where all my hits were critical and it didnt spam its AoE attack – so i managed to actually make some progress in the game.
Also went to see the university ‘Bandsoc Set’ which was a few uni bands playing in the newly made giant circus tent.
Highlight of the day/night was probably…
mincWatching the outdoor showing of Monsters Inc , we had a few rugs and pillows about us , and the girls brought a ton of food and there was some cider and such. There was a great atmosphere around , probably because everyone watching was a student , as a movie goes , there were probably more people around than any time ive been to see a film at an actual cinema. I actually totally forgot how awesome monsters inc was , i havent seen it in so long – great story , animation , script and put that thing back where it came from , or so help me!

Monday Monday Mondaaaaaay~

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Went to leamington to give in more cheques for the accomadation next year then walked around and found all sorts of weird shops in town , including a bread and oil shop – which sold fruit flavoured oils and stuff to eat with bread , weird.
Then went to some christian event thing called ‘frisbee , football and free ice cream’ which was basically just an excuse to go there and eat their ice cream for free – i had 3 cornets before spending some time throwing around the frisbee , also learnt how to throw forehand.
We then went to a ‘comedy’ gig by A L Kennedy which was fucking abysmal. The first 30 mnutes of the show was basically an old woman rambling about shit trying to tell funny stories – which may have been funny if she didnt fail at telling them. Then after that it went even more downhill and she basically just started lecturing us about stuff. It was like being in an english lecture – or how i imagine that to feel. Thank fuck it was a free event.
The original plan afterwards was to go to the last ‘Top Bannana’ event at uni (since this is week 10 now , and i leave on friday) , however the queue basically went on for ages so we ended up going back to halls and playing some games and such. And by games i mean ‘wall of fire’ which is basically ring of fire with all the cards stuck onto the wall and you have to throw stuff at them to get them down – god card was used this game , and ended badly – with anyone failing to hit the card having to race around the room on all fours with tom.
After this we tried to make our own top B in the common room, blacked it out , put some music on , got some glowsticks etc – was kinda suck but at least i got to play with some glowsticks.
At this point i guess , christina flipped the fuck out at Ian for being a dick for the past week – ian sat there in shock and awe – funnily in my dream last night i flipped the fuck out at him as well for stealing some of my garlic bread “wow , you fuckin’ gettin on everyones shit today huh ian?!” , he started crying and ran off in my dream – i guess 2 flipouts at him in one day is too much for dream-Ian.
We then went out for an adventure

We ended up walking around for around 2 hours , you may also notice on the map that at one point we go through a heronbank building , ed gave me a boost and i climbed through a window in the stairwell and let everyone else in so we could have a look around inside – the entire building is just one giant corridor , and their corridors are about double the width of ours at cryfield – i guess thats what you get when you pay £112 per week for 39 weeks (we pay £70 for 30 weeks in comparison – they pay more than double what we pay for a year). We also got a little lost in westwood as you can probably tell , shit over there is like a seperate village inside a village.

The Grudge (2004) // Happy Feet (2006)

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All the extra time i have nowadays due to no exams and not really any games to play has left me with lots of time to watch movies.

The grudge is about some tortured soul or something or other that just stalks and then kills anyone that enters a particular house , not a whole lot more i can add to the description.
film was pretty fucking bad tbh , i didnt really expect much but i was at least expecting it to be a little scarier , granted kind of creepy but lacked any real fear factor and no cheap jumps made this film a bit of a bore , lack of a resolution to the story (like The Ring for example) also made the film seem incomplete and just kind of a pointless waste of an hour and a half. Sarah michelle gellar doesnt even get her tits out , boo.

2/9  inverted weegee’s

Next then…


Saw happy feet earlier in the day , didnt really have a clue what to expect other than the fact it has a dancing penguin in.
The film is sort of half musical , half typical 3d animation cartoon stuff but it works pretty well.
Story is about some pengiun who basically has parkinsons in his feet or something like that because he was dropped as an egg , he then has to prove that he isnt a complete waste of a pengiun by getting the girl of his dreams and trying to get the humans to stop stealings their fish.
Pretty so-so story but the characters make up for it , in particular the random mexican/spanish pengiuns who are introduced about half way through the film – they pretty much save the film.


5 / 7 semi inverted zoolander’z (decent and worth a watch , just dont expect tons)

lil update

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So yesterday at around 2am , whilst i was playing ghostbusters… The fire alarm goes off!
2am! sonofabitch.
Turns out it was deliberate as well , someone smashed the break glass thingy on one of the fire alarms around cryfield.

Today was spent.. in bed for the most part , waking up at 1:30 – which is damn late for me.
We then had some chicken wings for brunch and headed off to explore coventry.
I havent actually explored coventry much  , despite living so close to it so it was pretty intresting and its alot larger than i thought it was.
We also ended up in the IKEA experience. 3 floors of IKEA , apparently the one in coventry is one of the largest in the country.
had a nice almond cake for 80p… uhm…

Nothing else to report for now i think? will review ghostbusters at a later time perhaps.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

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Saw pan’s labyrinth yesterday , another one of those films that the critics were raving about.
I’ll admit , it was a good film , however it was a hell of a lot more dark than i thought it would be.
Looking at the poster and all that , one would assume that the film is about some girl called pan , who finds her way into some sort of labyrinth fantasy world style thing, where everything is wonderful and beautiful and there are fairies floating about the place….
Film is certainly not that.
I was expecting narnia in spanish , what i got instead was a film where a guy gets their cheek sliced open so that it opens with the guys mouth (joker style).

Without giving too much away though , the film is good and pretty intresting , with the fairytale parts if anything being more of a sub-plot than the real story. A good film , but slightly boring at parts.

7/10 confused inverted pickle inspectors.

Paintball // Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

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So went on my first paintball outing yesterday , wasnt really sure what to expect but it turned out to be good fun.

Got to the site , had a number stamped on our hands and then was given some overalls. I managed to get the number ’13’ , “unlucky!” the overall handing-over woman reminds me. Thanks. bitch >_>
Had a breifing talk and all that , told the rules of the site (dont ever take off your mask , dont melee , try not to engage at less than 20ft) and then was given teams. I was fortunate to be with all my friends so good stuff there (was on BLU)

We then went out onto a few maps , all slightly different and with different objectives.

First was ‘Bridge’ which featured… yeah. a bridge. Sniper towers at both ends and a tent and then a bridge littered with barrels and stuff. On my first play i went for the bridge , which turned out to be a complete death trap because then you get sandwiched by fire from the tent AND the sniper tower , did manage to get 1 HS on the guy in the tower and kill 2 guys behind barrels before being tagged in the back though (somehow)
Second round i thought id try the tent, mainly because when we were fighting against it there seemed to be about 5 guys in there that just wouldnt die.
I ended up being tagged in the mouth. Yum. However apparently headshots are about the only place you can be shot which doesent count as a kill , so spat out the paint and played on , ended up killing 2 guys that tried to flank the tent before being tagged in the knee from between some tarp.

Second map was…speedball. Which was pretty much just a field with random bales of hay and other random stuff to hide behind. I loved this map , it was so much faster than the others (hence the name speedball i guess). Red left their left flank open so i ended up rushing forwards and killing like 4 guys behind a haybale. Also shot some black girl in the face , who started screaming – but didnt stand up to say that she was out. So i shot her again.. twice. Then the marshal came along to see if she was okay , i shot him too.
Second round i ended up pinned down by one asshole hiding behind a metal shield thing, after wasting godknows how much paint trying to hit his gun (the paintball guns they gave us shoot about as bent as graham norton) , i ended up just rushing forward and diving around shooting him about 5 times in the back (from about punching distance) – i then realised pretty much his entire team was slightly behind him , i got shot about 5 times too , although at least from a distance.

Third map was castle , which was an attack/defense map. Basically a big castle style thing at the bottom of a hill and then a flag which is just outside the front of the castle , we had to get the flag and then bring it back to the top of the hill. Me and ed ended up just running way to the left behind some see-through gauze style stuff , and basically hung out there for a few minutes. Its pretty hard to see the gauze from the castle (as i found out when i was defending) so we just had a hail of paintballs hitting the gauze for a good while , got hit in the shoe twice from paintballs bouncing off the floor , but i dont think those count…..Eventually got bored so i rushed behind a tree , only to realise that there was only 2 guys on my team still alive other than me. Their entire team was pretty much intact. Poking my head out from behind the tree resulted in a barrage of paint splashing around me – somewhere along the line , russian guy on our team managed to grab the flag whilst they were all aiming at me , so i guess i made us win?
Defending round was kind of boring , didnt really see many people aside from the one guy that stupidly rushed out to try and grab the flag whilst our whole team was looking in that direction , i shot him twice… after he put his arms up to say that he was out ^_~

Fourth map was pillbox , which was basically 2 huge bunkers on either side of the forest , we had to get our bomb (lol plastic dynamite looking thing) into the other teams bunker or just eliminate their team.
I ended up laying down behind a pile of logs , which were quite badly constructed into a barricade and had a shitton of holes in – the guy i was next to who was laying down i got to see get shot 4 times in the back, somehow managed to survive and killed quite a few people. They kept on firing at the logs and the paint would splash off/over/around it and hit me , my mask was pretty much covered at the end of the round – i wish i took a photo.
Next round didnt go so well , ended up getting shot in the side due to idiots not moving up (5 people behind one barrel = not good)

Final map was stargate , which was the stargate from the show – sorta. Back in the field and with minimal cover , and then a stargate in the middle with ramps leading up to it. Aliens had to protect the gate , humans had to run through the gate. The marshal’s advice was to clear out the enemy around the gate before running through. Some guy on our team though was like ‘okay. the plan is we all just run through.’
We did.
Whistle blew and our whole team did the gears of war run and powered straight through the gate , at the expense of about 4 shots in the chest for everyone , i got hit about 1 inch to the right of my cock – which was scary.

Final round was the free-for-all , an excuse to use up the rest of your paint (which by the way , is fucking expensive , i ended up paying £15 for 10 games and travel, lunch and 100 paintballs  and £12.50 on an extra 250 paintballs – its like £7 for 100 paintballs , and i used about 90 on my first game). So free-for-all , no rules , you’re not out if you get hit ,no teams.
We decided to form a firesquad , me ed luke and his russian friend. As soon as it started we dashed to the corner behind the sparse cover and shot fuckin’ urryone. I got hit about 6 times here , twice in the fingers (blood), once on the wrist and a few in the arm/chest/shoulder.

All in all a great day out , definately would love to do it again although the £30 pricetag is somewhat :X (and thats if you go easy on paintballs , if i was firing as much as id like to it probbaly would have been about £40-50)

Got back and frances was at cryfield , yay!
Watched her fail at world of goo , played some braid , korma for dinner then went shopping (at like 11pm)
We then watched slumdog millionaire (y’know , that film that won like 8 awards , 7 baftas , globes and all that shit) , have to say , even though the film wasnt particuarly action packed and infact seems like more of a love story at times (and alot of drama. my god the drama.) it was a really good film and i recommend a watch (rare for me to say good things about a film)


5/5 inverted venusaurs.

Floppy to Stiff

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Creepy Remote
“Constructed of a soft, flesh-like gel, the remote appears cold when off. Once turned on, however, it seems to come to life. A soft light emanates somewhere from within as the center of the device begins to slowly rise and fall, mimicking the tranquil motions of breath. Left undisturbed, the remote will slumber peacefully. But should a human hand approach, sensors inside alert it to the imminent touch. It stops breathing, grows rigid – the light from within is extinguished.”

What.. the.. fuck.
What would posess a man to invent a remote control which goes from flacid to hard when you go to touch it. (and it was obviously a man because women wouldnt be able to invent a piece of shit on the end of a stick nevermind a animal like remote control)


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Today was probably like the most chill day ever.

Woke up at 12 or so , played some Mario 64 and other misc games then ended up going onto the field.
Played some frisbee and then ended up sunbathing and watching heather twirling her stick thing around.


Then we came back , chilled some more , ate some ice cream and then decided to go out swimming.
Came back from swimming , what now. Hm.
Luke cycled off to tesco and bought some more cheap burgers and Sausages.
24 burgers and 20 sausages… between 5 of us.


Chilled by the BBQ and then played some piggy in the middle frisbee until late. Got back at like 11.
What a nice way to kill a day.

Slip Slidin’ Away

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So we decided to go make a giant slip’n’slide today.
Went to tesco and wilkinsons to get materials…
– About 30m of bin bags (we also scavv’d a shit load of oxfam bags lying around halls)
– £2 of 49p Washing up liquid (this stuff actually manages to make dishes become more dirty after washing them, smells nasty too.)
– Giant roll of duct tape

We then walked out and found a nice steepish hill to set up on.






Good stuff.

Games and shi

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Project Powder….

Features an odd option , good for fucking up everyone else i guess?

Also. Boyce is a bear.


 Also , Secondhand lands…. Which was evidently made by a bunch of weirdos.






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So with the lack of people online to actually play TF2 i thought id browse the steamforums , long story short i ended up watching some pro fragvids.

This guy is a beast – I didnt even know you could rocketjump as a pyro

Inspirational Soldier rocket jumping/airshotting video for Boyce

End of exams

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So i realise i havent done a proper blog post since the 4th or the 5th. Apolagies for that.

My proteins genes and genetics exam on saturday went okay , the linked physiology paper however was absoloutely terrible (as twitter readers would have seen) – couldnt answer most of the questions and am quite afraid im going to fail that module overall and have to resit (where i’ll only be able to get a maximum mark of 40%)
My last exam was today , Animal and plant biology , a subject which is essentially 9999 facts to remember about irrelevant bullshut you’ll never need to know. I was pretty worried for it but , what can you do – tried learning the entire subject more or less in 2 days. The exam was…. mixed. Before even starting i knew this was going to be a slag to do – a pass would suffice and was my main target.
The exam consisted of 3 sections , short questions , an animal question and a plant question. I started with the short questions.
You may begin.
Define and compare between cladistics and traditional taxonomy.


The short questions were a mixed bag , for the most part bad but a few of the questions i did know.
The animal question… Good! Or well.. as good as it could have been really , and by that i mean i sort of knew it (compared to anything else where i sort of didnt know it)
The plant question… Explain the ways plants have evolved to take up phorphorus. ARGH. I wasnt even sure what plants needed phosphorus for – i definately skim read this part of the notes.~
I did my best and managed to cobble together about 3/4 of an A4 side , dont know whether any of it was relevant though >_>

At any rate , its done.
I came home , slotted a carton of lychee juice and then wasnt sure what to do.
Played through ghost squad wii in lukes room , such a small TV and such a crappy remote :/
Played some crysis , tried xmen origins game but it ran like shit , tried installing demigod but it hard crashed my pc twice…
Went out with the guys to get food for BBQ – £2 for 24 burgers and £1.50 for 20 large pork sausages , on the sausages bag it had an ‘approximately’ written around the main text – as such it was kind of hard to judge whether it meant approximately 20 , approximately pork or approximately sausages. For £1.50 for 20 , who knows.
Ate BBQ , played around , listened to music etc etc. Came back at 9:30 just as it started to rain.

Now im sitting here , not really sure what to do.
Wasting time doesnt have the same appeal when you have nothing to be doing. What a shame.
At least im free now.

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