Cleaning out…

So cleaning out my stuff , found a pot thingy and inside i have found….– Random bag containing— 1x Random Small Key— 2x Allen Key— Maybe 5 dollars or so in american change?—1x Keyring—1x Random Smaller Key—2x Crushed Pennies from … Read More

Friday Friday *sob*

Today is the day my first year of university ends.I have packed more or less everything already and am just waiting for my mum to appear so we can start loading stuff into the car… ~~~~ After loading the stuff … Read More

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesdaaaay~~

Spent most of today playing The Last remnant , the previously unkillable boss was taken down pretty easy by some stroke of luck where all my hits were critical and it didnt spam its AoE attack – so i managed … Read More

Monday Monday Mondaaaaaay~

Went to leamington to give in more cheques for the accomadation next year then walked around and found all sorts of weird shops in town , including a bread and oil shop – which sold fruit flavoured oils and stuff … Read More

lil update

So yesterday at around 2am , whilst i was playing ghostbusters… The fire alarm goes off!2am! sonofabitch.Turns out it was deliberate as well , someone smashed the break glass thingy on one of the fire alarms around cryfield. Today was … Read More

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Saw pan’s labyrinth yesterday , another one of those films that the critics were raving about.I’ll admit , it was a good film , however it was a hell of a lot more dark than i thought it would be.Looking … Read More