Dream // some games

Ugh. had the ‘filling fell out’ dream again.
Evidently having that filling fall out on me 7 weeks ago is still at the back of my mind…
Had to find out where the nearest dentist was and then i got on the wrong bus and argh.

In other news , leetfella told me about ‘Borderlands’ this morning , which looks pretty amazing – sort of like FPS version of diablo. It also features a cool weapon drop feature where it’ll basically just forge a weapon out of bits , assign some attributes to it , maybe an element… So you can be walking around with a revolver homing missile launcher with an ice element perhaps. Something like that. Sounds pretty beast [4 player co-op too.]

Also , Heroes of telara looks very pretty for an MMO game , wonder whether it’ll actually be any good / maintain a playerbase after 2 weeks because of WoW.

revision is sort of going okay , im almost done with Proteins genes genetics and Physiology , then i have to start power-revising for my AIDS test on thursday ~.~