First Exam – Agents of Infectious Disease

Didn’t go as well as i hoped it would , basically revised a bunch of stuff in detail and only 2/6 of that stuff came up. There was 3/6 stuff which i sort of knew , but not particuarly well , and then 1/6 which i completely knew fuck all about ~.~
There goes any possibility of me getting a First , and probably most of my possibility for getting a 2-1. *sigh*

Woke up at like 7 or something , some revision , then made some buttered toast , some more revision and then left for the exam hall.
Had to wait outside for 20 minutes because they’re stupid , i started drinking my Lucozade active , which is pretty much red bull – lucozade lemony style.
Sat the exam , came back , crashed a little… Watched the rest of the microsoft E3 conference..  also – then… started doing some revision , cooked dinner – ham and egg sandwiches with BBQ sauce , revised some more and then went to play frisbee – which slowly evolved into piggy in the middle frisbee , battle frisbee (throw it at people) , scramble frisbee (everyone lines up , whoever has the frisbee at the end of the throw wins) ,  john woo frisbee (you must throw and catch the frisbee in mid air) , no move frisbee , fail frisbee (HORSE) and such. Back indoors now and i guess i should start revising.

Next exam is saturday at 2pm.

Time now is 8:35 on thursday , that gives me a day and 6 hours ish?

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