End of exams

So i realise i havent done a proper blog post since the 4th or the 5th. Apolagies for that.

My proteins genes and genetics exam on saturday went okay , the linked physiology paper however was absoloutely terrible (as twitter readers would have seen) – couldnt answer most of the questions and am quite afraid im going to fail that module overall and have to resit (where i’ll only be able to get a maximum mark of 40%)
My last exam was today , Animal and plant biology , a subject which is essentially 9999 facts to remember about irrelevant bullshut you’ll never need to know. I was pretty worried for it but , what can you do – tried learning the entire subject more or less in 2 days. The exam was…. mixed. Before even starting i knew this was going to be a slag to do – a pass would suffice and was my main target.
The exam consisted of 3 sections , short questions , an animal question and a plant question. I started with the short questions.
You may begin.
Define and compare between cladistics and traditional taxonomy.


The short questions were a mixed bag , for the most part bad but a few of the questions i did know.
The animal question… Good! Or well.. as good as it could have been really , and by that i mean i sort of knew it (compared to anything else where i sort of didnt know it)
The plant question… Explain the ways plants have evolved to take up phorphorus. ARGH. I wasnt even sure what plants needed phosphorus for – i definately skim read this part of the notes.~
I did my best and managed to cobble together about 3/4 of an A4 side , dont know whether any of it was relevant though >_>

At any rate , its done.
I came home , slotted a carton of lychee juice and then wasnt sure what to do.
Played through ghost squad wii in lukes room , such a small TV and such a crappy remote :/
Played some crysis , tried xmen origins game but it ran like shit , tried installing demigod but it hard crashed my pc twice…
Went out with the guys to get food for BBQ – £2 for 24 burgers and £1.50 for 20 large pork sausages , on the sausages bag it had an ‘approximately’ written around the main text – as such it was kind of hard to judge whether it meant approximately 20 , approximately pork or approximately sausages. For £1.50 for 20 , who knows.
Ate BBQ , played around , listened to music etc etc. Came back at 9:30 just as it started to rain.

Now im sitting here , not really sure what to do.
Wasting time doesnt have the same appeal when you have nothing to be doing. What a shame.
At least im free now.