Paintball // Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

So went on my first paintball outing yesterday , wasnt really sure what to expect but it turned out to be good fun.

Got to the site , had a number stamped on our hands and then was given some overalls. I managed to get the number ’13’ , “unlucky!” the overall handing-over woman reminds me. Thanks. bitch >_>
Had a breifing talk and all that , told the rules of the site (dont ever take off your mask , dont melee , try not to engage at less than 20ft) and then was given teams. I was fortunate to be with all my friends so good stuff there (was on BLU)

We then went out onto a few maps , all slightly different and with different objectives.

First was ‘Bridge’ which featured… yeah. a bridge. Sniper towers at both ends and a tent and then a bridge littered with barrels and stuff. On my first play i went for the bridge , which turned out to be a complete death trap because then you get sandwiched by fire from the tent AND the sniper tower , did manage to get 1 HS on the guy in the tower and kill 2 guys behind barrels before being tagged in the back though (somehow)
Second round i thought id try the tent, mainly because when we were fighting against it there seemed to be about 5 guys in there that just wouldnt die.
I ended up being tagged in the mouth. Yum. However apparently headshots are about the only place you can be shot which doesent count as a kill , so spat out the paint and played on , ended up killing 2 guys that tried to flank the tent before being tagged in the knee from between some tarp.

Second map was…speedball. Which was pretty much just a field with random bales of hay and other random stuff to hide behind. I loved this map , it was so much faster than the others (hence the name speedball i guess). Red left their left flank open so i ended up rushing forwards and killing like 4 guys behind a haybale. Also shot some black girl in the face , who started screaming – but didnt stand up to say that she was out. So i shot her again.. twice. Then the marshal came along to see if she was okay , i shot him too.
Second round i ended up pinned down by one asshole hiding behind a metal shield thing, after wasting godknows how much paint trying to hit his gun (the paintball guns they gave us shoot about as bent as graham norton) , i ended up just rushing forward and diving around shooting him about 5 times in the back (from about punching distance) – i then realised pretty much his entire team was slightly behind him , i got shot about 5 times too , although at least from a distance.

Third map was castle , which was an attack/defense map. Basically a big castle style thing at the bottom of a hill and then a flag which is just outside the front of the castle , we had to get the flag and then bring it back to the top of the hill. Me and ed ended up just running way to the left behind some see-through gauze style stuff , and basically hung out there for a few minutes. Its pretty hard to see the gauze from the castle (as i found out when i was defending) so we just had a hail of paintballs hitting the gauze for a good while , got hit in the shoe twice from paintballs bouncing off the floor , but i dont think those count…..Eventually got bored so i rushed behind a tree , only to realise that there was only 2 guys on my team still alive other than me. Their entire team was pretty much intact. Poking my head out from behind the tree resulted in a barrage of paint splashing around me – somewhere along the line , russian guy on our team managed to grab the flag whilst they were all aiming at me , so i guess i made us win?
Defending round was kind of boring , didnt really see many people aside from the one guy that stupidly rushed out to try and grab the flag whilst our whole team was looking in that direction , i shot him twice… after he put his arms up to say that he was out ^_~

Fourth map was pillbox , which was basically 2 huge bunkers on either side of the forest , we had to get our bomb (lol plastic dynamite looking thing) into the other teams bunker or just eliminate their team.
I ended up laying down behind a pile of logs , which were quite badly constructed into a barricade and had a shitton of holes in – the guy i was next to who was laying down i got to see get shot 4 times in the back, somehow managed to survive and killed quite a few people. They kept on firing at the logs and the paint would splash off/over/around it and hit me , my mask was pretty much covered at the end of the round – i wish i took a photo.
Next round didnt go so well , ended up getting shot in the side due to idiots not moving up (5 people behind one barrel = not good)

Final map was stargate , which was the stargate from the show – sorta. Back in the field and with minimal cover , and then a stargate in the middle with ramps leading up to it. Aliens had to protect the gate , humans had to run through the gate. The marshal’s advice was to clear out the enemy around the gate before running through. Some guy on our team though was like ‘okay. the plan is we all just run through.’
We did.
Whistle blew and our whole team did the gears of war run and powered straight through the gate , at the expense of about 4 shots in the chest for everyone , i got hit about 1 inch to the right of my cock – which was scary.

Final round was the free-for-all , an excuse to use up the rest of your paint (which by the way , is fucking expensive , i ended up paying £15 for 10 games and travel, lunch and 100 paintballs  and £12.50 on an extra 250 paintballs – its like £7 for 100 paintballs , and i used about 90 on my first game). So free-for-all , no rules , you’re not out if you get hit ,no teams.
We decided to form a firesquad , me ed luke and his russian friend. As soon as it started we dashed to the corner behind the sparse cover and shot fuckin’ urryone. I got hit about 6 times here , twice in the fingers (blood), once on the wrist and a few in the arm/chest/shoulder.

All in all a great day out , definately would love to do it again although the £30 pricetag is somewhat :X (and thats if you go easy on paintballs , if i was firing as much as id like to it probbaly would have been about £40-50)

Got back and frances was at cryfield , yay!
Watched her fail at world of goo , played some braid , korma for dinner then went shopping (at like 11pm)
We then watched slumdog millionaire (y’know , that film that won like 8 awards , 7 baftas , globes and all that shit) , have to say , even though the film wasnt particuarly action packed and infact seems like more of a love story at times (and alot of drama. my god the drama.) it was a really good film and i recommend a watch (rare for me to say good things about a film)


5/5 inverted venusaurs.