lil update

So yesterday at around 2am , whilst i was playing ghostbusters… The fire alarm goes off!
2am! sonofabitch.
Turns out it was deliberate as well , someone smashed the break glass thingy on one of the fire alarms around cryfield.

Today was spent.. in bed for the most part , waking up at 1:30 – which is damn late for me.
We then had some chicken wings for brunch and headed off to explore coventry.
I havent actually explored coventry much  , despite living so close to it so it was pretty intresting and its alot larger than i thought it was.
We also ended up in the IKEA experience. 3 floors of IKEA , apparently the one in coventry is one of the largest in the country.
had a nice almond cake for 80p… uhm…

Nothing else to report for now i think? will review ghostbusters at a later time perhaps.