Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Saw pan’s labyrinth yesterday , another one of those films that the critics were raving about.
I’ll admit , it was a good film , however it was a hell of a lot more dark than i thought it would be.
Looking at the poster and all that , one would assume that the film is about some girl called pan , who finds her way into some sort of labyrinth fantasy world style thing, where everything is wonderful and beautiful and there are fairies floating about the place….
Film is certainly not that.
I was expecting narnia in spanish , what i got instead was a film where a guy gets their cheek sliced open so that it opens with the guys mouth (joker style).

Without giving too much away though , the film is good and pretty intresting , with the fairytale parts if anything being more of a sub-plot than the real story. A good film , but slightly boring at parts.

7/10 confused inverted pickle inspectors.