The Grudge (2004) // Happy Feet (2006)

All the extra time i have nowadays due to no exams and not really any games to play has left me with lots of time to watch movies.

The grudge is about some tortured soul or something or other that just stalks and then kills anyone that enters a particular house , not a whole lot more i can add to the description.
film was pretty fucking bad tbh , i didnt really expect much but i was at least expecting it to be a little scarier , granted kind of creepy but lacked any real fear factor and no cheap jumps made this film a bit of a bore , lack of a resolution to the story (like The Ring for example) also made the film seem incomplete and just kind of a pointless waste of an hour and a half. Sarah michelle gellar doesnt even get her tits out , boo.

2/9 ┬áinverted weegee’s

Next then…


Saw happy feet earlier in the day , didnt really have a clue what to expect other than the fact it has a dancing penguin in.
The film is sort of half musical , half typical 3d animation cartoon stuff but it works pretty well.
Story is about some pengiun who basically has parkinsons in his feet or something like that because he was dropped as an egg , he then has to prove that he isnt a complete waste of a pengiun by getting the girl of his dreams and trying to get the humans to stop stealings their fish.
Pretty so-so story but the characters make up for it , in particular the random mexican/spanish pengiuns who are introduced about half way through the film – they pretty much save the film.


5 / 7 semi inverted zoolander’z (decent and worth a watch , just dont expect tons)