Monday Monday Mondaaaaaay~

Went to leamington to give in more cheques for the accomadation next year then walked around and found all sorts of weird shops in town , including a bread and oil shop – which sold fruit flavoured oils and stuff to eat with bread , weird.
Then went to some christian event thing called ‘frisbee , football and free ice cream’ which was basically just an excuse to go there and eat their ice cream for free – i had 3 cornets before spending some time throwing around the frisbee , also learnt how to throw forehand.
We then went to a ‘comedy’ gig by A L Kennedy which was fucking abysmal. The first 30 mnutes of the show was basically an old woman rambling about shit trying to tell funny stories – which may have been funny if she didnt fail at telling them. Then after that it went even more downhill and she basically just started lecturing us about stuff. It was like being in an english lecture – or how i imagine that to feel. Thank fuck it was a free event.
The original plan afterwards was to go to the last ‘Top Bannana’ event at uni (since this is week 10 now , and i leave on friday) , however the queue basically went on for ages so we ended up going back to halls and playing some games and such. And by games i mean ‘wall of fire’ which is basically ring of fire with all the cards stuck onto the wall and you have to throw stuff at them to get them down – god card was used this game , and ended badly – with anyone failing to hit the card having to race around the room on all fours with tom.
After this we tried to make our own top B in the common room, blacked it out , put some music on , got some glowsticks etc – was kinda suck but at least i got to play with some glowsticks.
At this point i guess , christina flipped the fuck out at Ian for being a dick for the past week – ian sat there in shock and awe – funnily in my dream last night i flipped the fuck out at him as well for stealing some of my garlic bread “wow , you fuckin’ gettin on everyones shit today huh ian?!” , he started crying and ran off in my dream – i guess 2 flipouts at him in one day is too much for dream-Ian.
We then went out for an adventure

We ended up walking around for around 2 hours , you may also notice on the map that at one point we go through a heronbank building , ed gave me a boost and i climbed through a window in the stairwell and let everyone else in so we could have a look around inside – the entire building is just one giant corridor , and their corridors are about double the width of ours at cryfield – i guess thats what you get when you pay £112 per week for 39 weeks (we pay £70 for 30 weeks in comparison – they pay more than double what we pay for a year). We also got a little lost in westwood as you can probably tell , shit over there is like a seperate village inside a village.