Tuesday Tuesday Tuesdaaaay~~

Spent most of today playing The Last remnant , the previously unkillable boss was taken down pretty easy by some stroke of luck where all my hits were critical and it didnt spam its AoE attack – so i managed to actually make some progress in the game.
Also went to see the university ‘Bandsoc Set’ which was a few uni bands playing in the newly made giant circus tent.
Highlight of the day/night was probably…
mincWatching the outdoor showing of Monsters Inc , we had a few rugs and pillows about us , and the girls brought a ton of food and there was some cider and such. There was a great atmosphere around , probably because everyone watching was a student , as a movie goes , there were probably more people around than any time ive been to see a film at an actual cinema. I actually totally forgot how awesome monsters inc was , i havent seen it in so long – great story , animation , script and put that thing back where it came from , or so help me!