Wednesday Wednesday…. It just doesent have the same ring :/

Worryingly , i think the first half of my day (as in from wake up til about 5pm) was spent playing ‘The Last Remnant’ , mainly because cryfield was empty as fuck – no idea why.
I did go out to play Jungle Speed , which is kind of like Snap , but playing it with 2-10 people , everyone gets dealt cards and you go round in a circle laying a card each , there is somewhat of a totem in the middle of the circle and if your card matches with someone else’s card you have to grab the totem (but if you fumble it / grab it at the wrong time you have to pick up all the cards) you can then give your cards to whoever your card matched to. The special cards also have colours and stuff though and occasionally a ‘colour card’ get laid in which case you go by colours for matching , theres like 4 colours , we was playing in a circle of about 6 so… yeah.
pic113072_mdWould also like to point out that its more than easy to grab the totem at the wrong time because half the shapes look the fucking same.
I kept failing continually because my brain obviously doesent respond to things which do not have heads , eventually gave the fuck up and threw the cards down.

later in the day , we watched ‘The Machine Girl’ – the story of a girl whose brother gets killed by the yakuza , they then chop off her arm and she… replaces her arm with a minigun.

machinegirlA brief review of the film then.
– It has Power ranger ninjas which wear addidas striped outfits
– She gets a chainsaw attachment
– One of the final bosses uses a ‘Drill bra’ , and then hugs the machine girl , features detailed boob drillage and mangling
– Blood fountains which make kill bill look realistic
– More decapitations than your average Age of Conan PVP session
– Did i mention the ninjas?
– The final boss uses a spikey bucket style weapon
– She gets her arm coated in batter and then dipped into a deep fryer at one point and has a crispy looking layer on it
Ridiculous over the top deaths

Id say this trailer sums it up pretty well

Definately 5/5 inverted…. wait… who is that?
Later in the night we went to Coventry to go to Ignite , of course it was closed – so we had to go to Lava (the downstairs club) , it wasnt a student night so we had an opportunity to see the normal coventry folk – and by that i mean holy fuck was there a lot of chavs. About 5 minutes after getting into the club and going to queue for a drink i had a 30 year old 6ft beefy bald guy doing a jig and shouting BOOA BOOOA – how the fuck does one respond to that , There was also very almost about 4 fights during the 3 hours we were there – which is kind of impressive i guess.
Walked home from coventry which took an hour or so but was nice to just talk and shit.