Thursday Thursday Thursdaaaay~

Thursday , exam results day.
I woke up around 11:40 , we’re allowed to go and collect our results at 12 , i figured if i woke up as late as possible i wouldnt have much time to worry about what my results are going to be.
I ended up waiting for 20 minutes outside my tutors room anyway.
Eventually got in , “uh yeah i think you did pretty well you got a uh…..2.1 overall ~ oh wait no no no sorry , sorry…..”
Bastard read my result wrong.

Turns out i got a 2.2 overall , 55%Passed all of my modules but my two main modules and my coursework brought me down from a 2.1 which is a huge shame. (Proteins genes and genetics , which is a core module – i got a 47% on lol)The two exams which went the worst for me , turned out to be my highest marks , 64 and 65% respectively.
Huge relief to find out that i dont have to retake shit at least. Thank gawd.

Spent a an hour or so just chilling out and listening to music (doing yesterdays blog post etc) and then eventually luke burst into my room and was like “‘we’re making the slip and slide….”

phonepic-0029“…in the corridor”

It was awesome , we also propped up a mattress against the wall so you could sprint down the length of the hall and then bounce off the mattress at the end.
The main problem however is that the surrounding carpet is actually made of blue sandpaper , carefully camoflagued to look like normal carpet. Also worth pointing out that the doorframe there is pretty much a fucking death trap. Also also worth pointing out that riding on it on your feet is practically suicide – everyone who tried got hurt.

Damage report:
Luke – Large bruise on forehead
Ian – Possibly crunched rib from slamming into wall too hard
Annie – Hurt her back trying to run on it and falling straight backwards
Me – Skin on right knee is missing , both ankles fucked from smacking the doorframe.

Cant remember what i did after that , but eventually we headed to Varsity which is the university pub sorta thing , thursday night is £1 drinks night – i also had some alcohol from the previous night (drinking games) which didnt get used so i brougth that along , about a litre of green stuff – i dont even know what it was but it was green and tasted green.
Getting to the door of the pub the bouncer was like ‘you cant take that in.’
So i slotted it , rather fast i might add. Big mistake since i had only recently finished a giant ‘clear out your freezer’ meal consisting of about 10 chicken nuggets and a small lorry of wedges.
Cant remember a huge amount of what happened after that  , mostly insignificant stuff. I did sample the shots though , which all came in litte test tube thingies which i thought was pretty cool.
Had 2 Cola ones (which tasted like cola cube thingies 😀 ) , white chocolate , Strawberries and cream , Sour apple , Blueberry and i think another one which i cant remember , also drank about 3 or 4 pints of purple before stumbling back to cryfield and crashing onto my bed.

Had the worst fucking headache trying to get to sleep, all i could imagine was pieces of my mind (as in glass shards of it) and they were all different colours and shiny and id try to put them back together but whenever i would touch them it would be a sharp pain in my head. Bad stuff.
Woke up at 11:30 , making for a rough 12 hours of sleep last night :X

ps. oh yeah  , i also abused the hell out of the university file sharing network at some point and downloaded around 150gb of stuff including….
2 seasons of inbetweeners
Evil genius (game)
Star ocean first departure + second evolution for PSP
Microsoft flight sim X
25 GB of roms consisting of all of the GBA , GBC , N64 , SNES and Megadrive games ever made.
Sid meiers alpha centuri (no idea why.)
Defense Grid (game)
Dungeon Keeper 2
Metal Slug 1-5
Act of War (game)
Supreme Commander (game)
2 seasons of big bang theory (apparently – i dont remember queuing this :S )
44 Disney films (30gb worth)
2gb of Live at the Apollo
20 James bond films
about 40 episodes of bleach to get me back up to date

Pretty much all of which i dont even want and will never watch , but hey – this terrabyte harddrive aint gonna fill itself eh.