Friday Friday *sob*

Today is the day my first year of university ends.
I have packed more or less everything already and am just waiting for my mum to appear so we can start loading stuff into the car…


After loading the stuff into the car and all that , went back home – 3 hour drive or so.

When i got home and set up my pc and all that  , discovered that apparaently someone has found their way into my WoW account and changed the password.
They then tried upgrading my account to the burning crusade , signed up for the WoTLK trial and put a recurring subscription onto my account with a debit card that wasnt mine.
Of course i only noticed the latter of this while i was about to send off an account hijacked email to blizzard support , went to copy paste the VISA number in and was like ‘… wait a minute….’
I password recovered my account and changed my email password , someone tried requesting a password recovery on my account – which sent another email to me.
Waiting until later in the day to check again , it seems the upgrade got canceled or didnt go through and they canceled the recurring subscription , it looks like they paid for a month of subscription for me though *shrugs*.

Spent the rest of the night playing Evil Genius , which is an absoloutely awesome game – reminds me alot of theme hospital or something , only with henchmen and evil stuff. Definately worth a play.