Call of juarez : Bound in blood

Sequel to the original Call of Juarez , which whilst not particuarly mind blowing – was a definately a solid and fun FPS game.


The sequel tells the story of 2 brothers and the shit they get up to , generally being badass gunslingery outlaw types and wrecking peoples shit.
The graphics in the game are amazing and the game seems pretty well optimised for PC’s (moreso than other recent games anyway) , areas are detailed and the cinematic effects such as motion blur , depth of field and screen shaking are very well done. I also really like the way the HUD is almost completely minimal aside from the concentration bar at the top right of the screen , i always try and find a nohud option anyway so not having one to begin with was a welcome change.


Gunplay feels good with a fair variety of weapons and styles to play , at the start of each mission you can pick Ray or Thomas ,who play as Tank and Stealth respectively- Ray can use dual pistols and has more HP and Thomas can use snipe and use bows and daggers for silent kills.
They added alot of intresting features to the game such as a cover system , running to the corner of a wall (solid snake style) will allow you to peer around and fire using just the mouse , similarly hiding behind a low wall will let you pop out just by aiming up and down (without need to crouch)


Other neat features are the quick draw segments where you can fire each gun independantly and in different directions (like in the first Call of Juarez game) , the concentration mode which works different for each character (Thomas’s involves holding left click and then moving the mouse down to move the firing pin back whilst Ray’s acts as a mark all targets and then let rip style) and best of all – the duel , where you’ll have to move to focus your opponent then move the mouse down to grab your gun and back up to fire at the enemy as soon as the bell strikes.


Another worthy addition is the free roam segments , where you can go to a shop to buy new weapons and take on side jobs then get on a horse and ride out to the mission area for some extra money for guns and ammo.

Definately an awesome game and worth a try.