So pretty much a week without a proper blog post. I guess i should put something down at least. Time for a few reviews then i guess


Saw ‘Ponyo on the cliff by the sea’ earlier today , one of studio ghibli’s films. I didnt really know what to expect at all aside from that some form of sea creatures is involved.
The jist of the story is this… ponyo.. thing… goes exploring (nemo style) and then is captured by a boy who lives on the cliff by the sea, they become friends and yada yada but then ponyo gets taken back to the sea by her father. Ponyo , determined to get back to the boy then basically fucks up the ocean by drinking some sort of elixir of the gods in order to try and get back to the boy… I’ll leave it there.
Its good stuff , unsurprising given its studio ghibli and the animation and stuff is pretty good (although surprisingly nowhere near as good as ‘5 centimeters per second’ which had amazing animation)
5/5 fo’ sure with this one. Id also like to comment that the music in the film is amazing – aided by my now 5.1 surround setup thing ^^

uhm… Havent really seen any other new films recently… Id also like to take this moment to say that bruno looks pretty bad , and that the new harry potter film actually looks kinda good.

Next then.

Tales of Monkey Island (chapter 1)
Finished this today , not too sure how long it took me to finish it , maybe 3 hours?
Ive never played a Monkey island game before so i thought id jump on this given the nice graphics and such its been given , native resolution is where its at. The graphics have a nice look to them , simplistic but detailed enough , the dialogue is very cleverly written and witty and the story is alright too. The puzzles are for the most part okay and reasonable to figure out however there were 2 bits of the game where i got completely stuck (the first due to me not finding an item in a faraway place). But yeah , good stuff and a recommended play – I await the other 4 chapters.

Despite the mediocre reviews i thought id get it and give it a go , pretty much open world sandbox kinda place with races thrown in. Quads , bikes , jeeps , SUV’s , muscle cars , buggies and even trucks can be used to race and most races are generally ‘here are some checkpoints. go.’
Think burnout paradise without the speed and boost and takedowns , and put in the townless regions of Oblivion (Elder scrolls 4) and then ravage the land with a few tornadoes.
Fun game for racing , although can be very very annoying at times and sort of samey after the first…hour.. or so..
Im actually enjoying it more than ‘Pure’ which is kind of surprising given that they’re similar sorts of games but ‘Pure’ was pretty much SSX on ATV’s *shrugs*

A ‘visual novel’ im currently ‘playing’ its pretty boring but at the same time has that sort of appeal that the first season of Lost had where you want to figure out wtf is going on. Theres actually an anime series of it which ive downloaded as well but about 1 hour of reading text in the ‘game’ translates to <20 minutes in the anime and cuts out all sorts of stuff so i kinda wanna keep 'playing' instead of resorting to that.