Hangin about.

So i believe my website is working once again , not sure what exactly happened to it , a ‘server issue’ according to my webhost when i poked them about it.

Havent really been doing much at all recently. Being back home for a week or two has made me remember just how boring ordinary life is outside university , i dont even have a job to bitch about so day in day out is usually just me inside the house playing games or watching TV/films.

Spent monday and most of today with Frances , ended up floating around Brentwood (a nearby town posh town) and explored the shops , went to the park (this actually took like half an hour or so because i forgot where it was. ) , played in the kiddy area , explored the forest abit then came back home. After letting her try some Dead Rising (Killed somewhere around 1k zombies in an hour which isnt bad considering she’s never played before and such) we ended up watching ‘The Emperors new groove’ – which i hadnt seen in ages , i actually went to see it in the cinema when it came out according to my mum (HOLY SHIT WIKI SAYS IT WAS YEAR 2000! MY GOD IM OLD.)
Not sure what we ended up wasting time on after that.
In the morning we ended up watching Aladdin (mainly because i have every disney film ever made on my TB drive – and she hadnt seen it before [weirdo] )


Uhm… In other news , packing has begun. I cant actually remember whether ive documented it on here or not but im going on holiday for around 3 weeks starting from this coming Friday (17th) – we’re going to start in Singapore for a few days and then go to Malaysia where we’re going to go to Melaka (sub-island) and do snorkelling and beach shit there , then come back to Kuala Lumpur for shopping and stuff like that.
We’ve been told to only pack about a weeks worth of clothes and then we’re going to buy the rest there – stuff in Malaysia is dirt cheap , for example to feed a family of 4 for dinner at a restaurant would probably come to around £8 total including drinks or something ridiculous like that.
Im hoping that when we go there will be some form of cyber cafe or something nearby so that i can pop in and do a bit of blogging every few days. Of course dont be expecting the frequency of my Florida holiday blog on myspace (where i updated every day)

[oh also recently saw Jackass the movie and 2fast2furious , but you knew that from my twitter no doubt. It comes in pretty useful for 1 liner blog posts like that.)