Half Blood Prince

Yeah… so i saw the new Harry potter… and on launch day too…
Not so much because i was desperate to watch it or anything , it just worked well with my schedule.

Have never actually seen town so busy before
We got to the cinema at around 7pm , hoping to see the over 18 showing at 8pm.
It was fully booked , the next showing was at 9:30pm.
We ended up getting tickets for that instead and wondered around town and got food and such.

Come 9pm we started worrying and headed to the cinema , our local cinema works on a first come first served seating basis (which just makes sense imo) , so we went in half an hour early – should be enough to get some really good seats right? We were put in one of the larger screens there , it was already 1/3 full – and quickly filling. Fortunately there was only 3 of us so we managed to get some seats in the middle/middle – back/middle is obviously prefered but hey we only came in HALF AN HOUR EARLY so it makes sense that all the good seats would be taken already?!

Anywho , film started , some half assed applause from the (packed) cinema and we watched the film – which turned out to be like 2 and a half hours long.

Highlights? well.. it clearly would have to be…

Decent film , but not as good as Goblet of fire or Order of the Phoenix imo.