Malaysia/Singapore Day 0 – The adventure begins!

July 17th
Summary : The adventure begins!

Our pickup for the airport came at just before 4pm , we loaded up our bags into the large Kia something or other and was driven to Heathrow , we almost always get a driver to take us there as its kinda awkward asking relatives to drive you there , train would be terrible and well… its just easier.
Our driver was a change from the normal one we have when we go on holiday , a tall burly chavlike creature , his music of choice wasn’t garage or RnB however , we spent the 2 or so hour car journey listening to some AM station relaying the latest golf information , Tiger woods was on 2 double bogeys last i heard – which is very very rare… apparently. The car journey isnt normally 2 hours btw , usually only takes about an hour and a quarter or something but there was pretty ridiculous jams as we were travelling on
1. A friday
2. Rush Hour
3. The day all the kids break up from school
Feckin’ chaos.

After check-in and all that (which went smoothly) , we sat around in the airport – got food and shopped around and such (i decided to invest £2.50 in ear plugs and some wine gums) . The gate took ages to be announced , the board said ‘to be announced at 8:45’ , we were waiting until about 9:20 or so before it changed.

The plane flight was pretty standard as 13 hour flights go , noteworthy movies on the plane included Hannah Montana the movie , 17 Again , Monsters vs Aliens… and thats it i guess. The whole system was an on-demand system which was pretty awesome – back in my day you’d have to make sure you’re awake at the right time and tune into the movie channel or something. There was bejewled and Sudoku on the games too (along with some other popcap games and stuff)
I started by watching some of Hannah Montana the movie , then it started going into horses and stuff so i stopped – i dozed off to sleep at some point 2 hours into the flight.
Upon waking up , there was only 2 hours left of the flight – guess i slept quite a bit of the way which was lucky (thats not to say it was a deep or good sleep , babies crying and the jet engines being right nearby was unsavoury to say the least , god bless £2 earplugs. )
Inflight meals was some chilli beef with rice and a ‘Nasi Lemak’ – a malaysian dish.