Malaysia/Singapore Day 1 – Arrival in Singapore , ripped off by timezones

July 18th
Somewhere over the ocean / Kuala Lumpur Airport (Malaysia) / Changi Airport (Singapore)
Summary : Tired jetlagged Steve arrives in Singapore at last , is amazed at the state of the city and the beauty of its design.

We arrived in Kuala lumpur airport , only to have to shop and wait around until our plane for Singapore. Waited around 2 hours or so in the airport then got on the plane , small plane this time (boeing 737) , the flight was only about an hour thank fuck.


Touchdown in Changi Airport in Singapore , please no more aeroplanes i thought to myself.
Collected baggage and then took a taxi to our hotel – the ‘Golden landmark hotel’ , fancy name and decor for sure , shame our beds are made out of wood and stones – we do however have a very nice panorama room leading out onto the city.

After unloading the luggage , having a shower and brushing teeth (much needed after what was essentially 40 something hours of travelling – including timezone shifts of course) we decided to go out and explore abit.

It was now around 10pm on Saturday , and we were in Singapore.. and hungry
Our first road took us to an alleyway full of shisha pipes and arabs , not sure whose idea it was to look for food was down a dodgy looking alley full of arabs…
After asking around (my dad speaks some Mandarin thankfully) , we managed to find some food stalls – this is probably the only time we had trouble finding open food stalls because since then its been absolutely everywhere – guess it just shows you need to know where to look for this sort of thing.


We ended up in some sort of Dessert cafe place which also served food , i had a pot of rice , mushrooms, chicken , preserved sausage and some other stuff. Bought some mountain dew from a nearby 7eleven to take back to the hotel fridge.
The roads here are ridiculously wide and all of the roads seem to be bordered either by shops/malls or canopy trees , useful for blocking out the sun.


The pavements and roads are also relatively spotless , this is most probably due to $1000 fines and such being in place for littering/spitting/dropping gum/vandalism/anything else antisocial – dustbins and recycle bins seem to be scattered everywhere here as well , not even giving you an excuse to litter – which (coming from Essex) is very nice to see.