Malaysia/Singapore Day 6 – Cable car into the distant mountains…

July 23rd
Langkawi Island – Cable Car
Summary : Our hero journies 710m up in the mountains , his ears actually popped on the cable car ride up.

Our day began with going to Oriental City , the small cluster of shops and restaurants next to the Langkawi Cable Car , there wasn’t a huge amount of stuff to see in the shops , there was a small animal pen filled with rabbits , chickens and a monkey or two but other than that just shops.

The view was pretty impressive though , a pond with fountain in the middle of shops and surrounded by trees and mountains…


We then bought tickets for the cable car , 30 RM each – or £6.



Hooooooly shit this place is high up , 2 viewing points were up way high at the top of the mountains , we landed on the first one and had a look around – you could pretty much see the whole island from here , we’d see the rest of the island a little later..


The other viewing point was another cable car away , across a giant gap between the mountains , the worlds only single something suspension bridge could be seen in the distance.


We travelled over to the other mountain via another scenic cable car , the second mountain point had 2 paths , we decided to take the bottom path first – a 5-10 minute walk through a forest path led us to the suspension bridge , a large curved bridge with small gaps between the panels on the bridge – allowing you to see the trees below as you walk across…

The bridge actually sways in the wind slightly , making it scary as fuck. Im not great with heights , so obviously 700m up in the mountains or whatever on a swaying suspension bridge was somewhat of an ordeal.

We then went back to where the path split , the walk back to the mountain point was pretty exhausting since on the way to the bridge it was all downhill stairs – so this time it was all uphill.
The other path lead up more stairs and to the upper levels of the mountain point , we grabed a drink (and an ice cream =D ) and checked the view…


We then took the cable car down the mountain , and to lunch – which wasnt anything special , to the extent where i can’t remember what i had at all.

Sad as we are , we then journied in the car to the ‘Andaman Hotel’ , the poshest and most expensive hotel on the island , it was in the middle of nowehere – up in the mountains and surrounded by forest. The hotel itself however was pretty amazing looking , it looked like a japanese shogun temple or something , we sighted some monkeys in the trees as we walked to the beach…


(you’ll have to enlarge this one to be able to see anything most likely)

Not a huge amount else happened after we returned from the hotel , we went to a visit a family friend who is also staying here and went swimming in their pool and around the beach – I saw a a few small crabs , one medium size sandcrab (who got shy when i pointed him out and buried himsef in sand) , and a weird eel/watersnake looking thing which was in the sand.

After our swim we went to dinner , fried rice and some sort of beef stuff and satay on the side- pretty nice i guess , particuarly the chicken satay.

After dinner we found the ‘cyber cafe’ , a small shack with 5 computers , a funny smell , a mosquito buzzing around inside and a ‘no-shoes’ rule enforced at the door before you can enter.

I was worried the no-shoes rule was a clever ploy for them to steal our shoes and then sell them but thankfully they were left intact. The cyber cafe had some old pc’s… very old… the giant grey desktop PC’s which i thought became obsolete about 5 years ago – they featured a cd-rom drive and a floppy disk drive and 1 USB port. The PC’s were so slow they would freeze slightly every time you switched to another firefox tab , nonetheless i somehow managed to update my blog for the first time this holiday , including all the pictures i wanted to put up. It was home and bed after this as we had an early wake next morning.