Malaysia/Singapore Day 7 – Swimmingly Swimming along the corals

July 24th
Langkawi Island
Summary : Steve swims with the fishes for a few hours

8am wakeup – oh. my. god.
We waited in the lobby for a while until the pickup bus came , it took us the docks, where we were directed to a ship , which took us to a large floating platform a little bit out at sea by the beach on another island – the boat trip alone took about an hour (apparently Langkawi has 99 islands surrounding the main island).
The floating platform was filled with people , diving equipment and a healthy amount of snorkels , masks and flippers. We grabbed ourselves a table to put our stuff and then got changed into our swimming gear


The water was pretty clear here , and a lovely shade of blue-green , there were a ton of fish in the water here , ranging from small to (according to my mum anyway , one the size of my 13 yr old brother). There were a few that were 2ft long or so at least anyway.
They asked us to wear these floaty lifejacket things to snorkel with – which is good for snorkelling i guess but they itch and.. well.. suck. I took mine off fairly sharpish. Taking the floatyjacket also has the major advantage of allowing you to dive down , paired with some flippers – you can pretty much swim with the fishes or dive down to explore the coral reefs. By diving down i got to touch an anemone (the wavy glowy thing that nemo lives in) , they are kinda sticky – or like they try to eat your hand as you put your fingers through it.

Speaking of eating.. There was a buffet lunch on the floating platform , not that anyone would want seconds – the food was terrible , how anyone manages to make fried rice taste bad is beyond me. However the buffet was good for taking some small bread rolls…


These fish apparently LOVE bread , we had seen some people sitting on the side of the boat throwing bread in to hordes of fishes so I thought i’d try it for myself. I swam in a bit and took out a piece of bread from my pocket..
I quickly let go of it when a tornado of fish formed around me , a few biting my fingers (they give sort of a nasty nip , not too painful but a sharp pinch which usually occurs when you don’t expect it). Being me , I decided to throw some bread next to my mum who was nearby and snorkelling , she screamed , loudly – not that i can blame her , the bread attracts a ton of fish , enough to totally obscure your vision and allow you to touch a bunch just by waving your hand around in the water.
Spent a good few hours swimming around in the water , diving down and chasing the larger fish and explorng the corals. I also managed to get some good photos of me underwater – there was an underwater tunnel which could be accessed from the platform so i got my brother to go down there with the camera whilst i dived down outside for some poses – unfortunately on the good camera which doesent upload to the website without some resizing (WordPress is not a fan of trying to resize 3k x 2k pictures into thumbnail pictures) so those photos will have to wait until another time.

At around 4pm we had to head back , back on the boat , back on the bus and back to the hotel – where im typing this right now. I dont have much else to say but its only 7pm so some stuff could still happen i guess.
I think ive managed to get a bit of a sunburn on my shoulders also ,I hope it isnt but it certainly looks that way.
During the night , walked around the hotel for a bit and ended up eating food at the hotel again , I had a beef teppanyaki with satay on the side , family friends ordered steamboat.
After eating my teppanyaki and a bowl of rice , their food was just starting to arrive – naturally i helped myself to their food as well , and ordered some more satay (twice infact.)
After eating we played abit of pool and then went back to the room to relax , played some PSP and such and before I knew it , it was midnight. Went to sleep…