Malaysia/Singapore Day 8 – Full Body Massage

July 25th
Langkawi Island
Summary : Our manly Menger has the ‘orchid’ spa treatment, includes full body massage , body scrub and wrap , foot massage and a facial – oh dear.

I awoke to the sound of Capsule’s ‘Starry Sky’ , it was 10am. I fell asleep again.
I awoke to the sound of our hotel room telephone ringing , dad was on the line – its 12:15
So much for our plans of bike riding on the beach and then going for a bit of sightseeing.
We ended up going to Cenang area , a small touristy area with clothes shops and restaurants along with a large duty free shop and an ‘Underwater world’ (Langkawi’s local and only Sealife centre of sorts).
Lunch was nice, we ate at a Hong Kong diner – I had fried udon with chicken , yummy stuff.

Walked around and checked out the shops abit , ended up buying a nice blue Langkawi shirt featuring the eagle we saw the other day. Explored the duty free shop next , pretty huge and lots of sweets and things we hadn’t seen before – we bought ‘Ferrero Garden’ , apparently in asia they have different flavour ferrero rochers here, this is a picture i took much earlier at the airport in KL but we didnt buy it then because stuff bought in the airport is mad expensive.


The flavours inside are Pistachio , Strawberry , Lemon , almond and coconut. They’re all awesome.

After this , we went to Isham Spa – we had been booked for an ‘expensive’ (by malaysian costs that is) spa session (about £50 for us , which i hear is barely enough for anything here – my aunt claims a back massage is £35 in the UK)


Beautiful view near the spa

View from the Spa

Our experience began with some still lemonade in the lobby , me and my brother were then taken to a private room – where we were asked to get changed into what could only be described as an adult nappy…
They gave us a cloth thing and then a small package – which when ripped open was disposable panties (yes. panties , as in the female version , complete with slightly frilly band)
I got into them and walked out , covering myself with the cloth – the masseuse asked us to lay on the bed face down. We then got a full body massage – first feet , then legs , then thighs , back , shoulders… She then turned us over and did stomach , chest , legs and arms. (this occured over like an hour btw).
She also massaged my ass some , and at one point she saddled over my back for a bit to give me a back massage , she also pulled my hairs out for a bit and tried to pull my fingers apart.
Im pretty sure she started off quite gently and then half-way through realised that i remind her of one of her ex-boyfriends (which she hates) or something because she started being pretty rough and tried kneading me like dough.
After this was the body scrub and wrap , she steals the cloth cover from us – im now laying on the massage bed in half see-through disposable panties. She poured some hot really rough stuff over me (apparently rice and some other stuff).
She scrubs. Alot. To the extent where im pretty sure 2 layers of my skin were removed in the process , she gets out some bannana leaves and puts them over me , i feel like some sort of food – baking hot and sandwiched between bed and leaves with a yellow rough paste over my body. She left us for 15 minutes , assumedly to cook – the heat made me incredibly uncomfortable and itchy – probably the longest 15 minutes of my life , and more like a form of torture than a treatment i’d pay for.

Next was a shower , to get rid of all the crap she just put onto our skin , a flower bath followed – a small bath on stones with sharp hard leaves and flower petals on.
We returned to the room and they laid us down again in our towels and began giving the facial – a massage and then some hot paste , then she wiped it off.. then she put it on again , then she wiped it off again… then she put it on again , then she wiped it off again…
After this she put some… bandage stuff on my face? kinda like that stuff they use to make plaster molds , she put it over my face and then painted my face with what i presume was some face liquid/glue – i felt like i was becoming part of a paper mache project.
She left it on and then gave a complimentry foot massage, can’t really nay-say anything which has ‘complementary’ and ‘massage’ in the name.
That was it then , the full package – we returned to the lobby for herbal tea and a cake and went off to dinner next door at supposedly the best Japanese restaurant in all of Malaysia.

Dinner was at the Unkaizan restaurant , we sat down at one of those really low tables with a pillow underneath us to kneel on. The food which was brought out was all really impressive , grilled foods came out on tiny charcoal BBQ pots and such , I had a mixed sushi with cold udon set (cold noodles are apparently all the rage in Japan – weirdos)
Here are some food shots , you can see grilled salmon ,unagi (eel) and some prawn tempura in the background – the wooden lids are covering boiled rice

everyone else’s food

My food

After dinner I thought i’d try a traditional Japanese desert , ‘Dango’ – i dont really know what it is other than that it has flour in , is BBQ’d and is served with a sweetish sauce.
It wasnt particuarly great tasting but it was an intresting experience.


We bought some fruits from a store on the way home , we’ve been eating alot of Mangosteen’s lately (shown on right) , my dad likes durian (left) which smells terrible and is squishy – i think last time i tried eating it i almost threw up due to the smell , it doesent actually taste that bad but smelling it at the same time as eating it will make most people gag.


Also tried one of these yesterday , looks like a small bananna when peeled but slightly harder and taste fucking terrible , yuck D:


Thats it for today , we’re flying back to Kualar Lumpur tomorrow so probably wont have much time to do stuff tomorrow.