Malaysia/Singapore Day 9 – I get to sleep in the princess bed?!

July 26th
Langkawi / Kualar Lumpur
Summary : Touchdown in KL again results in being shown around our new home for the next week or so , a seafood dinner and a walk around a huge mall.

Woken up at 8am by the phone , our last morning in Langkawi
We went for a bike ride around the hotel , 5 RM for an hour – we rented 3…
20 minutes later we were all hot , tired and very sweaty , riding around on a crappy bike in 36 degrees sun or something ridiculous like that. Took a few pictures but i’ll just put one up of the scenery..


We returned to our hotel room and had a shower , ate some mangoes and malaysian cakes and then it was time to start getting ready to go – packed our bags and checked out and then headed to Langkawi airport. Nothing much to report there , check-in and everything went fine , had ‘Nasi goreng angung’ which was some form of spicy chicken rice with egg combination – was damn spicy. Also had some of my mum’s nasi goreng which was nice.
As a side note , there were alot of ninja’s at the airport in langkawi , I sneakily managed to photograph a few , see if you can spot them


After arriving at Kualar Lumpur airport (after playing lots of Star Ocean PSP on the hour or so plane journey) we met one of my uncles (term used loosely as i dont really know who he is but i call him uncle) , he is – to be blunt – rich as furk.
He took us back to his apartment(s) where we’re going to be staying whilst in Kualar Lumpur.
The apartment is 3 floors and has is nicely decorated , air-con in every room , shiny tiles/doors/everything… the only real downside is that because we’re staying in one of the apartments which isnt exclusively his – the room me and my brother are staying in is a big girly purple room , it has princess drapes near the bed D:


Another noteworthy ‘feature’ of the room (if you want to call it that) are the 5 (FIVE!) puppies living in one of the rooms , apparently they’re chihuaha’s but I personally dont know shit about dogs so i cant comment. At one point somebody decided to open the glass door seperating the dogs from the lounge and one of them jumped over the safety fence thing and ran around the room for about 3 minutes sniffing and licking everyone.


Some genius then decided to try and open the gate slightly to get the loose one back inside – they all burst out , like a dam of puppies had just been opened , saliva and hair and barks flooded the room.


So hyperactive they appear as ghostly blurs in most of the pictures i tried to take…
Dinner was at a localish place called La La Chang Seafood restaurant or something to that effect , la la’s are like baby mussels fyi.
We had lots to eat , a large fried fish , king prawns , fried veg , chicken , sea cucumber , la la’s , and some seafood soupy stuff.
Didnt really take any pictures because it was all relatives at the table and i didn’t want them to think I was a total weirdo , managed to sneak a picture of all the mussel’s I ate though.


After this , uncle took us to this gigantic shopping mall filled with every shop ever , despite being full I was drooling by the time we finished walking around – we were only walking through quickly – so many food shops! cakes , ice cream , beard papa , cinnabon ,some other crazy looking asian pretzely place.. Hope we go back there some time , could easily have dinner just eating all of the snack foods. Heres a picture of the giganticness..


It had a ton of floors , i think 8 or so and they were all really long and wide as well.
Definately a far cry from Langkawi’s 2 floor tiny ‘largest shopping mall’ , it feels so nice to be back in civilization – even little things like TV’s are a welcome return.