Malaysia/Singapore Day 10 – Mid-Valley shopping mall

July 27th
Kualar Lumpur
Summary : Sushi buffet and then a walk around Mid-Valley shopping mall

Today was actually pretty uneventful , in the morning went to see one of the cousins and my uncle – did nothing there really , saw my dad’s condo which he bought a few years out (its currently being rented out to some med students apparently , has a small swimming pool and such – no air con because my dad is a scrooge landlord. poor students. )
After waiting around doing jack shit for about 4 hours in the morning we went to Mid-valley , we had a lovely lunch at ‘Sushi King’ – one of those conveyer belt sushi places where the plates come around and you just grab whatever sushi takes your fancy.


The main advantage of doing it in Malaysia at this place is that its way cheaper , eating at ‘Yo Sushi!’ in UK… plates of different colour range from £2 to around £6 , as such you can eat about 5 plates before going broke – we’ll say you had £20 to spend.
Sushi King on the other hand , the plates ranged from 2 RM to 6 RM , an equivalent 30p – £1.20… im sure you can see where im going with this…


We racked up the plates , the total bill for 5 of us came to about 100 RM total , there was also a little promotion where it was BOGOF for the first 5 sushi plates so saved… like.. 10 RM there (£2).
The rest of the day for the most part was just roaming the supermall looking at things to buy , buying some clothes (got a few shirts and some shorts – pretty cheap here , good quality stuff for about £3 – £5 each or something).
Also , fish reflexology seems to be all the rage here…


Not sure exactly how it works but you put your footsies into the fishies and then the fishies eats your footsies… or something.
Also had a lovely ice cream – after eight flavoured.
We then went to a supermarket to buy fruits , there were some food stalls outside (as there are everywhere in Malaysia) we got to try Kaya Balls – which were yummy , kinda like american waffle mix but with a small dollop of pandan sauce inside.
The supermarkets here seem to work slightly different than they do in the UK , fresh fish and things are just.. there…


Wouldnt happen in the UK, all the animal activist assholes would probably come in and break them free or something , RSPCA stuff etc.
Another seafood restaurant for dinner , they also like to have fish tanks for you to be able to choose your fish or just so that they can have the fish fresh (tastes better) , inside one of the tanks were these peculiar guys…


They look… intresting…
Dinner was nice , but not as good as the expensive place yesterday – the main drawback about a good meal is that all subsequent meals don’t taste as good :/
Back to the flat and then nothing much happening really , will probably go to bed soon…