Malaysia/Singapore Day 11 – Times square – 11 or so floors of shops and Low Yat – 6 floors ofelectronics

July 28th
Kualar Lumpur – Times square shopping mall / Low Yat Plaza

Today was somewhere inbetween eventful and really uneventful , depending on how you look at it we sorta didn’t do much at all today…
A late start and a taxi ride to Times square shopping mall , a mall which was somewhat on the large side… And by that i mean…

It has 10 floors up , 1 basement level and then about 4 basement levels worth of car park. This place is gigantic. As usual for this holiday blog , the first ‘important’ point of order was the finding of food – thankfully most of the food was congregated on the ground , lower ground , 3rd and 10th floors…
We ended up going to a small cafe like restaurant called the lemongrass cafe or something like that , I ordered ‘asam Laksa’ , ‘Laksa’ is a Malaysian dish which is curry noodles with sardines and crunchy veg like onions/cucumber and some pineapple on the side , normal Laksa is known for being really spicy – I soon found out that ‘Asam’ meant spicy… I ordered the ‘Spicy’ spicy curry noodle dish. FML.

It will burn you.

It was too hot to be enjoyable , which was a shame. And all the stuff i ate afterwards had a generic ‘lava’ taste to it. Whilst eating lunch we noticed a thundering sound every now and then , our seats rumbled a little… we were on the 3rd floor inside a giant shopping mall and being rumbled through the building…
It turned out..


That apparently inside the same 10 floor shopping mall was a semi large theme-park , complete with rollercoaster with a loop in (also a drop ride, spinny machine , vomit inducer… and other family favourites). The shopping mall actually had a main area and then this side area , with a different theme on each floor , eg. Computer and electronics floor , womens clothing , mens clothing , toys , gifts for girlfriends, etc etc.


On the 9th floor there was also the iCafe , another huge cyber cafe with LAN gaming and such , really nice computers and kitted with 22″ widescreen monitor , speakers and lots of games. Whilst uploading the blog posts and such (god my website can be so slow when it comes to uploading) I got to listen to music over the shop speakers and then what I assume was WC3 (dota) , Counter strike Source , L4D and some other asian FPS which looks like CSS that i keep seeing , my brother spent the hour playing Plants VS Zombies.

Did some shopping , bought a gift for some cute girl I know , some shorts , a pair of trainers (for £6! Ive bought shirts here that were more expensive).

We took a break after walking around the mall for some 5 hours or so , I had a Kiwi Katamari (or it may have been Kalamity or something hell if I know) which was really nice , shaved ice with some sauce and kiwi fruit pieces..


Afterwards we went to Lao Yut Plaza , a 6 floor shopping mall which is renowned for being exclusively electronics. The floors were divided into Cafes and generic , Mobiles , Games , PC parts , PC accessories , Laptops , And hypermarts (which is basically everything in 3 shops for people who don’t like to shop around)

Imagine this^

But on this scale

Relentless technology and mobiles and cameras and PSP’s and computer bits…
You can actually find every PC part and accessory in this shop for cheaper than you’d be able to find anywhere else , its impressive and makes me wish I had enough money to buy more stuff.
After shopping around a bit I bought a PSP Memory Stick 8GB for £20 , which sounds pretty good but tbh I never really checked the prices online to see how much they are.
Am also looking at buying a new mp3 player (Saw a Creative Zen for around 400 RM (£73) or a Creative Mosaic for around 270 RM(£50) ) but I would rather like to visit another cyber cafe and check some reviews before I spend , Im also pretty tempted to buy a steelmat or one of those razer mousemats , they were 50 RM (£9) in the hypermart but im not sure if thats a good deal or not , they are pretty smooth and I don’t know what my desk is going to be like at my house in Leamington next year.

After shopping we went across the road to Yaki Yaki , a Japanese BBQ buffet restaurant.


Basically… they give you a big BBQ in a pot , then you can get whatever meats you want from the buffet – the meats have all been marinated and such and theres salmon , beef , chicken… and side stuff as well like corn , satay , mushrooms ,peppers…
But then theres the other cooked food , seafood dishes with crab , prawns… some rice and noodle dishes..


Theres a teppanyaki chef on hand to teppan- any stuff you have..
Theres a satay grill with a chef who constantly makes satay (chicken , beef , mussel , eel , squid..)
Theres a counter where you can select fish and they’ll steam or fry it for you…

Theres a cart which deals in deep fried Japanese food , like tempura and spring rolls and such…
Theres a sushi counter where they’ll make any special sushi you want , and then there is a bunch of ready made sushi for you to eat straight away…


Theres fresh fruits available and ice cream..

(I tried some dragonfruit , pretty okay but nothing too special)

Theres also cakes , biscuits , jelly and puddings available..
And finally there is a counter full of drinks machines with lots of juice AND you can walk up to the bar and select some of the cocktails there and he’ll make one for you (alcoholic cocktails and beer included) and its all inclusive of the price.
The price however is pretty steep , and by that I mean its about £9 per head – for an eat and drink as much as you like for however long you like BBQ buffet including seafood.

We ate until we came close to throwing up , semi-related…
Apparently in the girls toilet they had toilets which had two holes , one for pee and one for poop?
Im not entirely sure as I heard from mum and then little brother went to take picture , but… weird…


And semi-related to that , The place im staying in at the moment belongs to a girl around 20 who is in university… Now if I was the daughter of a rich person and was told to pick a shower head…


..Id probably go with this one too.
Semi-gross : it had a small curly hair stuck on the bit that sprays out water…