Malaysia/Singapore Day 12 – Another fish encounter

July 29th
Kualar Lumpur – Central Market / Sungai Wang Mall / Petalling Street Market

In the morning we went to ‘Central Market’ , which can be described as the polar opposite of yesterdays Low Yat Plaza (IT mall) – this market was full of hand crafted stuff , paintings , statues , woven silk clothes and other literal crap.

Id say this picture sums it up pretty well..

The best thing about this place however was the fish spa – 5 RM (Bout £1) for 10 minutes , we decided to give it a go. There were 2 pools of water , one had larger fish and one had teeny tiny fish – both love feet.
I Went for the larger fish pool , I slowly lowered my bare feet into the water…
and quickly pulled them the fuck back out.
Dozens of fish swarmed my feet , nibbling away at dead skin cells. It was a new level of ticklish , a few dozen tiny wet fish wriggling around all around both of your feet.


Lunch was a rather mediocre sizzling chicken with crispy dumplings and egg noodles in sauce , its impressive that such a dark sauce could have so little flavour.


We journied back to Times Square mall , we thought instead of using the (really cheap) taxi’s we’d try and use the trains and monorail , both of which run overground – suspended above the streets and weave around buildings and such.
The trains here also have open fronts with a window , which allows for a rather awesome view that ive never experience before..

First Person Train Driver View!

In Times Square we just went to use the internet cafe again , after checking mail , facebook and blog (all of which had no comments/mail/notices =[ ) I checked for MP3 player reviews, the Creative Zen Mozaic is looking pretty good atm – cheap and cheery. I spent the rest of the hour time playing Demigod – which was pretty much WC3 DOTA or like a really slow Diablo game.
On the way out before we went to Sungai Wang plaza we got some buns from ‘Bread Story’ , a chain we also saw in Singapore – Chinese buns are awesome , usually sweet but can also be savoury and filled with all sorts of goodness , personal favourites are the Kaya filled buns and the ones with Meat Floss on.


At sungai wang we didn’t do a whole lot , just browsed around the shops and such , my dad was looking for some pirate DVD’s but we couldn’t find anywhere that sold them – when we came 5 years ago there were full shopfronts just selling pirate DVD’s blatently out in the open , now there were none..
Eventually my dad decided to actually ask one of the ‘legit’ DVD shops… at first he acted like he didn’t know what dad was talking about but after seeing my little brother he shiftily moved to the back of the store and opened a locked door to a back room…
Inside was a single round table with some chairs and 4 DVD binders filled with the latest films – they operate by you taking the cover out of the binder and putting it aside then afterwards they’ll get the films for you and put it in a sleeve , DVD’s here were 8 RM each but dad bought quite a few… like 26 or something.. so they gave him 6 free (Ended up spending around £25 on pirate films)

Final stop of the day after a homecooked meal by a relative was Petalling Street , sort of like Chinatown but nightime market edition. Rows upon rows of market stalls selling (Id like to point out that all of the following are fake designer stuff , eg rolex/Gucci/D&G… ) pens , handbags , jewlery , purses , shirts , suits , watches , games (Pokemon Lugia’s Ocean for the GBA anyone?). I bought a small clock for 10 RM (bartered down from 25 RM) and some shirts , was also tempted to buy a lazer pen , a pocket knife and a pocket blowtorch but decided against it.


Thats it for today , oh – I also finished Star Ocean First Departure for the PSP last night :< only lasted 15 hours or so (I started it on the plane to Singapore) , Dont know what to play now...