Malaysia/Singapore Day 13 – Its all in one! – One Utama mall

July 30th
Kualar Lumpur – 1 Utama Mall

In all honesty we really didn’t do a whole lot today…
A late wakeup in the morning followed by a taxi ride to 1 Utama Mall , the mall we had a quick look around with my uncle on our first night in KL. We walked around alot and browsed the shops , for the most part all we did today was clothes shopping – its all pretty cheap here so may as well.
Random things I noted was that there is a small rainforest area inside the mall (it kinda opens up into a small park area and then there is random rainforesty bit)


We also sampled alot of foods , I say we , I mean I did..
I tried a cinnabon, a red bean puff thing , some of my dads chewy bun thing , a doughnut – of which there were a ton of different crazy looking flavours and such…


Lunch was another Laksa , a curry laksa this time which wasn’t as bad as the asam laksa i had last time.


And for dinner was crispy noodles with pork , the drink was red bean with sago <3 pimg-0222

And then.. yeah. Thats about it really. Pretty uneventful day.