Malaysia/Singapore Day 14 – ‘Fast and furious : trishaw edition’ and the guy that makes a livingpoking coconuts with his finger

July 31st
Malaysia – Kualar Lumpur -> Melacca

I was awoken from the strangest dream (something about Sting having an argument with one of the guys from slipknot about whose skin was smoother from using baby oil or something ridiculous like that). From there I spent half the morning playing Jeanne D’arc on PSP until it was time to go out , we were going out to our future hotel to drop our bags off and then off to Melacca (an area of Malaysia which has alot of history) via coach , dropped our bags off at the ‘Royal Bintang’ and then went to the coach station – where all of the coaches are privately owned and they all sell their tickets through ticket counters , of which there are fifty or so and then there are salesmen pestering you CONSTANTLY whilst you walk towards the ticket counter , my dad turned away about 8 or so salesmen trying to offer him cheap coach tickets before we got to an official ticket counter…

The coach had no suspension whatsoever , the wheels were pretty much welded straight onto the frame – this was obviously rather unsavoury considering our coach to Melacca was going to take 2 hours. 15 Minutes into the trip I started feeling sick , but thankfully somehow managed to fall asleep until we arrived.
We took a taxi to our hotel here , the Hotel Equatorial – a 4 star hotel apparently , although our room doesn’t really look that fancy if i’m honest (there isn’t even a dial to control air-con temperature)
We do get a nice view though..


We had lunch at a nearby mall , it was horribly mediocre – didn’t bother taking a picture.
After walking around Melacca some , I wasn’t sure whether to think we were in a developed area or a rural area… there were alot of old buildings around but at the same time parts were pretty well developed , supermalls with air conditioning and pristine tiles and all that , on the other hand not many of the restaurants here have heard of air-con.. or washing up liquid for that matter..
Heres a general panorama shot of what it looked like outdoors


We walked for a bit and then saw those bicycle rickshaw things riding along , they were nicely decorated with flowers and tinsel and lights and even had music on alot of them with loud speakers and such – these things were everywhere and would usually come in packs of 2 or 3 , with one blaring loud music and the others following close like some sort of fighter jet formation.


Id also like to point out 3 of the bike rickshaws with younger drivers had super beast speakers and were blaring out really loud bassy hardcore music – I’m going to try and upload a video of it here but im not sure if it’ll work or be a link or whatever since im pre-typing this on a laptop and not on wordpress.


I will also upload a longer 2 minute video of the ride at some point but it’ll have to be afterwards since its 20mb.

The rickshaw dropped us off outside some sort of Malaysian history museum , which I quickly hurried my family through – it was about as entertaining as a trip to the grandparents (negative entertainment value). From there we decided to check out the castle where the british fought off the portugese and turned Malaysia into a british colony or something like that? It was a long walk up some stone steps but we eventually reached it , as usual for castles there was a nice view from the top


The castle itself wasn’t much like to look at , more of a fort actually than a castle as it was pretty small – that or half of it had been asploded or something at some point


After this we cooled off in the mall and had a drink by the fountain and then went to the church , to not check around as it was closed so we hung around outside where all the rickshaws hang out – this is where I filmed the video earlier.
I also bought 2 pairs of Nunchaku here , 1 foam padded practice set and one rather nice looking polished wood set.


From here we went to ‘jonker walk’ , essentially another Petalling street market sorta deal. It was standard marketty street sorta stuff , didn’t buy anything – brother managed to convince the parents to let him buy a wooden katana.
Dinner was at a supposedly famous place , Famosa chicken rice ball shop.
It was basically a ball of rice which had been boiled in chicken stock soup to give it a nice flavour , eating it with some actual chicken and some soya sauce was amazing , considering its just a… well.. a ball of rice… Yummy stuff.


Outside nearby was some sort of open karaoke thing on a stage going on , also a nice opportunity for another panorama picture..


On the walk home we saw some crazy Chinese guy – who is also famous apparently (can probably find him on youtube if you search ‘finger poke coconut’ or something to that effect) , he sells his own brand of muscle relief oil and was advertising it by doing what he does best..
According to my dad he holds the world record for… penetrating the most coconuts using one finger in 1 minute…
A long build up and then he went all kung fu on us , hopped onto two pots started yelling and jabbed the coconut 3 times with his forefinger and broke through , coconut water exploding out. He walked around with the coconut stuck onto his finger like some sort of oversized ring to show the audience and then called his two assistants who spent like a minute holding trying to get the coconut off from his finger.
He walked around again to show the audience his finger , swollen… near broken looking.. lumpy.. He poured his oil onto it and such. We stopped watching soon after because he was taking ages to do anything.


Back to the mall to get some drinks and fruits and then to the hotel where im typing this , not sure whats planned tomorrow but watching X-games on TV atm.