Still not dead yet.

So im not gonna lie , i havent been updating recently… infact… hardly at all. But im not dead! (yet) There just really isnt much to blog which is intresting , intresting being the key word here , sure i … Read More

Shadow Complex

So i played quite a bit of Shadow Complex this morning using the demo glitch (essentially lets you turn the trial into the full game , but you cant save) Its very very awesome , it feels somewhat like if … Read More

Update on life

So recently i havent really been doing much , going out every now and then but for the most part have just been playing 360 and watching anime / films Primarily been playing..Resident Evil GC – currently finished exploring mansion … Read More

Definition of horror

You know there is a crimson head in the next room , it clawed you to death a little a few minutes ago… you escaped then but you need to go back to that corridor to go and play moonlight … Read More

Yatterman (2009)

So on the plane home I couldnt really sleep much , instead I had to pass the time by listening to music , playing sudoku and watching a movie or two..Other than ‘Dragonball Evolution’ , I watched… I believe yatterman … Read More