Still not dead yet.

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So im not gonna lie , i havent been updating recently… infact… hardly at all.

But im not dead! (yet)

There just really isnt much to blog which is intresting , intresting being the key word here , sure i could blog and tell you guys about how i went to dimsum today and found out that my uncle and aunt have gone from single to engaged  since i last saw them… but then thats hardly intresting to normal people now is it.

Term 1 of uni starts on the 5th of october , but odds are i’ll be moving into my new accomadation around the 22nd of September so look forward to then whereby i’ll most likely actually be blogging again.

On a semi-related note…
My billing for my hosting is due soon, im kind of on the fence as to whether or not to renew…
its around £25 a year , not a huge amount but i do wonder if its worth it sometimes – i doubt many people view this blog after all…and it is kind of an effort keeping it intresting… hm.
Comment if you have anything to say…

Shadow Complex

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So i played quite a bit of Shadow Complex this morning using the demo glitch (essentially lets you turn the trial into the full game , but you cant save)

Its very very awesome , it feels somewhat like if Metal Gear Solid got merged with Castlevania SoTN , which is definately a good thing.

So clearly the best thing about this game is the ‘Friction dampener’  , whoever thought this shit up deserves a medal. Essentially if you sprint in 1 direction for >5 seconds… you go supersonic – the screen blurs , the sound is like if you suddenly went underwater and your  dude just runs through people / walls / crates and generally fucks stuff up.

Graphics are very impressive for an XBLA game , as is the size of the map…


Unfortunately before i could finish the game , my glitched demo glitched on me and essentially i got stuck in an exploding building with all exits blocked – This is apparently a very common glitch at the moment , even in the full retail game and what sucks is that (according to boyce and some people on .sows anyway) its pretty much the end of the game :<
As such , havent technically finished the game.. but more or less >_>

Heres a video of the aforementioned glitch – basically im supposed to escape by running up the lift shaft… only the end of it is blocked by rubble and then… well… you’ll see. (3.5mb)

ps. foam gun is way not as useful as you would think.

pps. Game is around 4 hours – making the 1200MS points a little expensive….

Update on life

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So recently i havent really been doing much , going out every now and then but for the most part have just been playing 360 and watching anime / films

Primarily been playing..
Resident Evil GC – currently finished exploring mansion and looking for way into the lab
Infinite Undiscovery – Somewhat nearish to the end i guess? Hard mode 2nd playthrough
Assassins Creed – Finished this morning 100%
Beautiful Katamari – just rollin’

Anime ive been watching.. (more info when i get round to typing it)
Dennou Coil
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Will update with some reviews or whatever when i get round to actually finishing them..

Definition of horror

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You know there is a crimson head in the next room , it clawed you to death a little a few minutes ago… you escaped then but you need to go back to that corridor to go and play moonlight sonata to continue an elaborate trade system of items to reach a mansion key…

You psych yourself up.
You have 15 bullets in that beretta you’ve been WAITIN’ to shoot…
You open the door , it creaks open…

It see’s you.
it runs at you.
You see it.
You run for the closest door.



Yatterman (2009)

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So on the plane home I couldnt really sleep much , instead I had to pass the time by listening to music , playing sudoku and watching a movie or two..
Other than ‘Dragonball Evolution’ , I watched…

yattermanI believe yatterman is some sort of japanese superhero , I know that this is a live action movie adaptation of an anime but ive never watched the anime.. or heard of it really aside from ‘Tatsunoko VS capcom’

So the film is about some skull stones which make bad shit happen and yatterman (both of them – because the guy is called Yatterman no 1 and the girl , his girlfriend who dresses exactly as he does but in pink is called Yatterman no. 2) has to gather all the skull stones in order to not… make.. bad shit happen…

The main villains in the film then are these guys… the doronbo gang

2k1u7d00000homvjWho are basically team rocket (but with a really hot kinky dressed jesse) , they get in yatterman’s way as much as possible by building giant mecha robots (of which the fund are gained by conning townspeople – as is shown in the film) – of course yatterman has his own defense against the giant mechas they use , in the form of yatterwoof – the giant red robot dog in the top picture

The film also has 3 songs complete with dances , one scene with a giant pole being rubbed against yatterman no.2’s vag (zoom shot too) , 3 giant enemy mechas and lots of unneccesary fanservice scenes.

This trailer video should hopefully sum the rest up.

Not sure if its because I wasnt expecting much or what but this was a genuinely really enjoyable film for me – way more entertaining than harry potter or… anything else ive watched recently (ong bak 2 im looking in your direction you big letdown you)

Ive probably already spoiled the film too much already , just go download it already.


Malaysia/Singapore Day 19 – A flower display? but thats so girly :

August 5th
Koala Lumpur

Lay-in in the morning until like 11 or so then we headed out to find something to eat , we ended up in a cafe near sungei wang mall – a small Chinese cafe place. I ordered a wonton noodle soup again , we also called a ‘toast with peanut butter and condensed milk’ to share between us.


They pretty much gave us half a loaf of bread with peanut butter and nuts and all that on the top of it. Despite looking very odd it was pretty good.

We then walked around sungei wang mall and ended up in some horrible horrible girly shop with lots of useless stuff , clothes, plates , cutlery and everything crappy like that – I took a few minutes to reorganize one of the stuffed animal displays


Back to the hotel after this where we chilled out for a while , we then got picked up by my cousin and went to a flora display (the plant , not the butter)
I guess it was pretty impressive… as flowers go… Lots of different colours and styles.




I enjoyed the garden design competition entries the most , university and school students attempting to design a nice garden and such
Heres one of the better more innovative ones..


And here’s a weird garden edition of what I can only assume was something inspired by a long session of wake island.


Oh also. This plant display looks kinda like a rampant rabbit or something…


They also had lots of baby fruit and veg plants to buy which was quite intresting to see , heres a chilli plant and a pineapple plant – I had no idea how pineapples grew and assumed it would be a tree.. apparently not though.



At some point we also took a ride on this…


We rode around up the river to look at the scenery and such and then rid back , it was a nice break from staring at colourful flowers and was nice if only for the breeze it brought with it.
–insert first person boat view here-

After we finished looking at all the pretty (boring) flowers we headed to take a brief look at the sultans house or something like that , it was super huge and probably had its own post code.


We then went to the Carrefour , essentially a supermarket – nothing huge to report here.. I bought some mentos , milkybar and some kit kat ball things to eat on the plane tomorrow. One of the things different here was that they do a sort of pick and mix on biscuits and crackers and that , grab a bag and fill it with whatever you want.


Dinner was at a Chinese restaurant , we had a steamed catfish – which tastes of pretty much nothing , just generic fish meat taste :/
We also had frog , lala’s and… stuff… It was all very okay and nothing particularly special which was a shame as its our last meal in Malaysia. Ah well , can’t win em all.

Malaysia/Singapore Day 18 – Previously on MBA..

August 4th
Kualar Lumpur

A slow start today , we enjoyed somewhat of a lay-in and then headed across the street from our hotel to Jalan Alor , the food market street. We dropped off some clothes for laundry and then headed to the first nice looking stall we saw which turned out to be a stall specializing in won ton mee (dumplings in noodle soup)… we ate it , it was mediocre and my stomach gave an annoyed growl in my direction – I took its hint and we ended up back in the hotel to use the toilets and such.


We then took a trip to the gym and swimming pool , my mum wanted to get her hair dyed and cut at sungei wang mall which would probably take just shy of 3 years so we swam around and had a shower before meeting her at the iCafe in Times square mall – updated the blog some and then played abit of quake 4 deathmatch with my brother.
After checking mail we went for lunch , we stopped at little Penang (or something to that effect) which is a cafe which sold Penang style food – ate a noodle soup thing.

From here we went to Low Yat plaza again , determined to buy some tech stuff… 5 floors of price comparing and stuff and I eventually came into the possession of one ‘Creative Zen’ with 2gb of internal memory and then 4gb SD card memory which came to around 300 RM total (bargained about 15 RM off) – £60 for a really nice looking mp4 player isn’t too bad imo.
I also bought a razer goliath mousemat which cost 60 RM so around £10 , I figured I may as well invest in one just in case I get a rough desk at my new accommodation like I had at uni.
To access the SD card I got for my mp3 player I also bought one of those 5000 in 1 USB card readers which was £3.

We then shopped around Sungei wang for some DVD’s and then went to Pavillion for dinner , I had a lovely Hainan chicken rice , which is basically just chicken and rice but the rice has been boiled in chicken soup stock or something to that effect , this makes the rice moist and flavoursome.
Nice as it was however it wasn’t particularly filling so I went to a shop I eyed up earlier called Mr Baoz (Bao is bun/package in Cantonese) – I bought a BBQ chicken bao , deep fried and crispy on the outside with mayo and then on the inside was BBQ flavour chicken , tasty but it had a very strong taste and was somewhat of an acquired taste – particularly the mayonnaise.


We walked around the pavilion some more and ended up finding a random outdoor covered bit in the mall , it basically just goes outside but still 6 floors and all that , very pretty..


Headed home shortly after , tomorrow is our last day :<

Malaysia/Singapore Day 17 – Bird Pyramid

August 3rd
Kualar Lumpur – Bird park and Sunway Pyramid

First thing’s first , breakfast.
We travelled to a nearby cafe place from our hotel where we had frog congee , we were expecting to just get frogs legs in the congee (rice porridge) but apparently we got the whole frog – not quite the eyes and head and all that , but definitely more than just the legs… Just as well I figured , frogs legs just tastes like chicken anyway at least the rest of the frog has a slightly different taste.


After this we took a cab to the Bird park , the worlds largest covered bird park – or so the banner claimed , of course in Malaysia anything goes. My dads Malaysian citizenship saved us a good bit of money whilst buying tickets , im sure i touched on the racism which Malaysia exhibits towards tourists already a little but here entering the bird park – Tourist price is 45 RM , Citizen price is 15 RM , we saved around 120 RM just from my dad flashing his ID , a rather nize twentysomething pounds.
Upon entering the park we were greeted by some birds behind nets , disappointing a I thought but little did i know the day would get better yet.


Cockateils and parrots are so cute , totally want some when I grow up.

We entered the parrot area , which turned out to essentially be a walk in aviary where the parrots would just fly around you and be walking around on the floor around


The guy in the left of the picture gave us some seeds and a slice of apple each, seeds in left hand and apple in my right hand… The birds soon flocked to me like some sort of freaky bird man – I think I had about 10 on me at one time, 5 on both of my arms , their claws really dig in but not quite enough to be truly painful.


Oh. Also. Monkeys running around randomly.


We saw a bird show which was nothing too special , the usual throw the eagle around , make the parrots do tricks and all that. Later in the day we turned up at the nursery , a which didn’t contain much but had a large container of baby chicks which were just.. there.. We picked them up and took some pictures , they were soft :D


The sun gently giving us a toasting through the day , we walked through the park viewing flamingos , emu , peacock…. etc etc.
We eventually finished the park and took a cab to the sunway pyramid mall , a large mall (duh) with an Egyptian pyramid/sphinx decor.


The mall is also ajoining to a waterpark called the sunway lagoon , I took a picture from the cafe we went to have a snack at (no pictures of the snack unfortunately as we were mad hungry , it was rice and chicken and then spaghetti with some meat and spices , we also had watermelon sago and mango sago for dessert)

You can also see some sort of rollercoaster on the far right , I don’t remember that being there last time I came…

Another intresting feature about the mall is the presence of a rather large..


Shopping shopping shopping … bought a hoodie and a belt – bought the belt from a shop called XTREME (fuck yes.)
Nearby also was…


An indoor archery centre place , pretty much done bowling style. Pay 8 RM get 12 or 16 arrows or something , shoot at the target with their bows and thats that , they even supply a tab and a bracer for you. My main gripe with the place was that their bows had no sights! They force you to shoot barebow – this essentially means you have to look down the arrow as you pull it and sort of guess where the arrow is going to go , of course i guess if you you’ve never done archery before it wouldn’t be a big deal.
Dinner was at sushi king again as everyone wasn’t too hungry , 12 plates this time , upon leaving I randomly god a hell of a headache , just as well we ended up going home shortly after.

Malaysia/Singapore Day 16 – Back to KL and back to the malls and food courts

August 2nd
Malaysia – Melacca -> Kualar Lumpur (Bukit Bintang)

Woke up in the morning and had the buffet breakfast again , nothing particularly special…
After this we went to the gym to check it out and played around on the machines for a bit until tired and then came back to the room to pack.
After packing , checked out and then took a cab to the bus station where we bought tickets back to Kualar Lumpur – the bus wasn’t as bad as the bus we took to melacca thank god , I still slept most of the way as I get a headache reading/playing games whilst on the road.

After checking in to our new hotel in KL we headed out for an explore of the area , we found a few small malls to explore – one of which was ‘lot10′ a large mall with lots of designer shops – and pretty looking escalators with changing lights on the bottom!


We then decided we’d keep exploring a little longer before going to the pavilion mall for dinner.. Little did we know the pavilion was just round the corner which I eyed out , thankfully we were spared the embarrassment of calling a cab to take us less than a minute’s walk away.


(yes. Thats the same shop on 4 floors – its like the asian Debenhams)
We explored the shops until dinner time , where we went to a posh looking (but not too expensive) Chinese restaurant – the food was amazing , we had a cold ‘drunken chicken’ which is boiled chicken soaked in a Chinese wine to make it sweet yet still chicken and then chilled (not pictured as already eaten) , mincemeat with veggies and then some sesame something or other shells to put them in – sort of like an asian taco (left) , prawns in egg yolk , crispy noodles with mixed seafood (middle right) and a rice dish with meat.


I forgot to mention that the restaurant was in the most gigantic food court ever , its hard to judge just how big it is here but walking from one side to the other would probably take a few minutes at a normal pace , we were looking at menus for a good 20 minutes if that says anything.


One of the shops in the food court was this , a shop specializing in Jelly cakes – yup , cakes made entirely of jelly…


Now… the jelly they use in asia is slightly different from English jelly , its made from different ingredients which makes it a fair bit harder and less wobbly but its still jelly nonetheless , and very impressive – the layers on the cakes can actually been peeled off one by one , as we found out when they let us have a free sample of a jelly layer cube.

After leaving (and with a very full stomach) we went exploring again , KL looks so pretty at night with trees lit up different colours and lights strewn across the street , the fountain outside the pavilion was lit up with changing colours as well


A little exploring later and we came across ‘Jalan Alor’ , essentially another place to eat food…
It was a whole street full of outdoor restaurants (we call them hawkers , street sellers essentially)


And at the end of the road we discovered our hotel again , directly opposite Jalan Alor – although early we decided to come back for the day.
Im currently typing this up in our hotel room , the TV is on and is displaying a Chinese program called ‘One Day , Five meals’ which pretty much sums up the way of life here (as if you hadn’t figured that out by now though).

Malaysia/Singapore Day 15 – Museums and such…. zzzzzz

August 1st
Malaysia – Melacca

Truly a slow and boring day , this will be short , i only took 1 picture today…
Pretty late wakeup followed by a buffet breakfast in the hotel , food was the usual hotel breakfast stuff – toast , croissants , fried egg , there was also not so usual hotel breakfast stuff… like curry , rice , fried kway teiu and congee (rice porridge).

After breakfast we took a dip in the pool , the weather was pretty bad and it had just finished raining but we still swam around.
Afterwards back to the hotel room to watch Hannah montanna and some other cartoon I don’t know the name of on Disney channel.
We then went out to have a walk around and went around 3 museums or so , one shaped like a boat , another with a warship on… zzzz….

…. After this we came back to the hotel and… watched more Hannah Montana.
We left at 6 or so and went back to Jonker street to get dinner – pretty much all of the food shops were closed however so we ended up eating at the same place , I didn’t really complain because it was amazing. After this we went to a nearby mall and had a walk around , all the shops were shit. Played IIDX Gold in the arcade here for 2 RM (all the arcades here work on tokens oddl, I didn’t realise the cabinet actually had a vibrating floor when you play – or maybe the bass is just that ridiculous.
Came home , watching Disney channel again.