Malaysia/Singapore Day 15 – Museums and such…. zzzzzz

August 1st
Malaysia – Melacca

Truly a slow and boring day , this will be short , i only took 1 picture today…
Pretty late wakeup followed by a buffet breakfast in the hotel , food was the usual hotel breakfast stuff – toast , croissants , fried egg , there was also not so usual hotel breakfast stuff… like curry , rice , fried kway teiu and congee (rice porridge).

After breakfast we took a dip in the pool , the weather was pretty bad and it had just finished raining but we still swam around.
Afterwards back to the hotel room to watch Hannah montanna and some other cartoon I don’t know the name of on Disney channel.
We then went out to have a walk around and went around 3 museums or so , one shaped like a boat , another with a warship on… zzzz….

…. After this we came back to the hotel and… watched more Hannah Montana.
We left at 6 or so and went back to Jonker street to get dinner – pretty much all of the food shops were closed however so we ended up eating at the same place , I didn’t really complain because it was amazing. After this we went to a nearby mall and had a walk around , all the shops were shit. Played IIDX Gold in the arcade here for 2 RM (all the arcades here work on tokens oddl, I didn’t realise the cabinet actually had a vibrating floor when you play – or maybe the bass is just that ridiculous.
Came home , watching Disney channel again.