Malaysia/Singapore Day 16 – Back to KL and back to the malls and food courts

August 2nd
Malaysia – Melacca -> Kualar Lumpur (Bukit Bintang)

Woke up in the morning and had the buffet breakfast again , nothing particularly special…
After this we went to the gym to check it out and played around on the machines for a bit until tired and then came back to the room to pack.
After packing , checked out and then took a cab to the bus station where we bought tickets back to Kualar Lumpur – the bus wasn’t as bad as the bus we took to melacca thank god , I still slept most of the way as I get a headache reading/playing games whilst on the road.

After checking in to our new hotel in KL we headed out for an explore of the area , we found a few small malls to explore – one of which was ‘lot10′ a large mall with lots of designer shops – and pretty looking escalators with changing lights on the bottom!


We then decided we’d keep exploring a little longer before going to the pavilion mall for dinner.. Little did we know the pavilion was just round the corner which I eyed out , thankfully we were spared the embarrassment of calling a cab to take us less than a minute’s walk away.


(yes. Thats the same shop on 4 floors – its like the asian Debenhams)
We explored the shops until dinner time , where we went to a posh looking (but not too expensive) Chinese restaurant – the food was amazing , we had a cold ‘drunken chicken’ which is boiled chicken soaked in a Chinese wine to make it sweet yet still chicken and then chilled (not pictured as already eaten) , mincemeat with veggies and then some sesame something or other shells to put them in – sort of like an asian taco (left) , prawns in egg yolk , crispy noodles with mixed seafood (middle right) and a rice dish with meat.


I forgot to mention that the restaurant was in the most gigantic food court ever , its hard to judge just how big it is here but walking from one side to the other would probably take a few minutes at a normal pace , we were looking at menus for a good 20 minutes if that says anything.


One of the shops in the food court was this , a shop specializing in Jelly cakes – yup , cakes made entirely of jelly…


Now… the jelly they use in asia is slightly different from English jelly , its made from different ingredients which makes it a fair bit harder and less wobbly but its still jelly nonetheless , and very impressive – the layers on the cakes can actually been peeled off one by one , as we found out when they let us have a free sample of a jelly layer cube.

After leaving (and with a very full stomach) we went exploring again , KL looks so pretty at night with trees lit up different colours and lights strewn across the street , the fountain outside the pavilion was lit up with changing colours as well


A little exploring later and we came across ‘Jalan Alor’ , essentially another place to eat food…
It was a whole street full of outdoor restaurants (we call them hawkers , street sellers essentially)


And at the end of the road we discovered our hotel again , directly opposite Jalan Alor – although early we decided to come back for the day.
Im currently typing this up in our hotel room , the TV is on and is displaying a Chinese program called ‘One Day , Five meals’ which pretty much sums up the way of life here (as if you hadn’t figured that out by now though).