Malaysia/Singapore Day 17 – Bird Pyramid

August 3rd
Kualar Lumpur – Bird park and Sunway Pyramid

First thing’s first , breakfast.
We travelled to a nearby cafe place from our hotel where we had frog congee , we were expecting to just get frogs legs in the congee (rice porridge) but apparently we got the whole frog – not quite the eyes and head and all that , but definitely more than just the legs… Just as well I figured , frogs legs just tastes like chicken anyway at least the rest of the frog has a slightly different taste.


After this we took a cab to the Bird park , the worlds largest covered bird park – or so the banner claimed , of course in Malaysia anything goes. My dads Malaysian citizenship saved us a good bit of money whilst buying tickets , im sure i touched on the racism which Malaysia exhibits towards tourists already a little but here entering the bird park – Tourist price is 45 RM , Citizen price is 15 RM , we saved around 120 RM just from my dad flashing his ID , a rather nize twentysomething pounds.
Upon entering the park we were greeted by some birds behind nets , disappointing a I thought but little did i know the day would get better yet.


Cockateils and parrots are so cute , totally want some when I grow up.

We entered the parrot area , which turned out to essentially be a walk in aviary where the parrots would just fly around you and be walking around on the floor around


The guy in the left of the picture gave us some seeds and a slice of apple each, seeds in left hand and apple in my right hand… The birds soon flocked to me like some sort of freaky bird man – I think I had about 10 on me at one time, 5 on both of my arms , their claws really dig in but not quite enough to be truly painful.


Oh. Also. Monkeys running around randomly.


We saw a bird show which was nothing too special , the usual throw the eagle around , make the parrots do tricks and all that. Later in the day we turned up at the nursery , a which didn’t contain much but had a large container of baby chicks which were just.. there.. We picked them up and took some pictures , they were soft 😀


The sun gently giving us a toasting through the day , we walked through the park viewing flamingos , emu , peacock…. etc etc.
We eventually finished the park and took a cab to the sunway pyramid mall , a large mall (duh) with an Egyptian pyramid/sphinx decor.


The mall is also ajoining to a waterpark called the sunway lagoon , I took a picture from the cafe we went to have a snack at (no pictures of the snack unfortunately as we were mad hungry , it was rice and chicken and then spaghetti with some meat and spices , we also had watermelon sago and mango sago for dessert)

You can also see some sort of rollercoaster on the far right , I don’t remember that being there last time I came…

Another intresting feature about the mall is the presence of a rather large..


Shopping shopping shopping … bought a hoodie and a belt – bought the belt from a shop called XTREME (fuck yes.)
Nearby also was…


An indoor archery centre place , pretty much done bowling style. Pay 8 RM get 12 or 16 arrows or something , shoot at the target with their bows and thats that , they even supply a tab and a bracer for you. My main gripe with the place was that their bows had no sights! They force you to shoot barebow – this essentially means you have to look down the arrow as you pull it and sort of guess where the arrow is going to go , of course i guess if you you’ve never done archery before it wouldn’t be a big deal.
Dinner was at sushi king again as everyone wasn’t too hungry , 12 plates this time , upon leaving I randomly god a hell of a headache , just as well we ended up going home shortly after.