Malaysia/Singapore Day 18 – Previously on MBA..

August 4th
Kualar Lumpur

A slow start today , we enjoyed somewhat of a lay-in and then headed across the street from our hotel to Jalan Alor , the food market street. We dropped off some clothes for laundry and then headed to the first nice looking stall we saw which turned out to be a stall specializing in won ton mee (dumplings in noodle soup)… we ate it , it was mediocre and my stomach gave an annoyed growl in my direction – I took its hint and we ended up back in the hotel to use the toilets and such.


We then took a trip to the gym and swimming pool , my mum wanted to get her hair dyed and cut at sungei wang mall which would probably take just shy of 3 years so we swam around and had a shower before meeting her at the iCafe in Times square mall – updated the blog some and then played abit of quake 4 deathmatch with my brother.
After checking mail we went for lunch , we stopped at little Penang (or something to that effect) which is a cafe which sold Penang style food – ate a noodle soup thing.

From here we went to Low Yat plaza again , determined to buy some tech stuff… 5 floors of price comparing and stuff and I eventually came into the possession of one ‘Creative Zen’ with 2gb of internal memory and then 4gb SD card memory which came to around 300 RM total (bargained about 15 RM off) – £60 for a really nice looking mp4 player isn’t too bad imo.
I also bought a razer goliath mousemat which cost 60 RM so around £10 , I figured I may as well invest in one just in case I get a rough desk at my new accommodation like I had at uni.
To access the SD card I got for my mp3 player I also bought one of those 5000 in 1 USB card readers which was £3.

We then shopped around Sungei wang for some DVD’s and then went to Pavillion for dinner , I had a lovely Hainan chicken rice , which is basically just chicken and rice but the rice has been boiled in chicken soup stock or something to that effect , this makes the rice moist and flavoursome.
Nice as it was however it wasn’t particularly filling so I went to a shop I eyed up earlier called Mr Baoz (Bao is bun/package in Cantonese) – I bought a BBQ chicken bao , deep fried and crispy on the outside with mayo and then on the inside was BBQ flavour chicken , tasty but it had a very strong taste and was somewhat of an acquired taste – particularly the mayonnaise.


We walked around the pavilion some more and ended up finding a random outdoor covered bit in the mall , it basically just goes outside but still 6 floors and all that , very pretty..


Headed home shortly after , tomorrow is our last day :<