Malaysia/Singapore Day 19 – A flower display? but thats so girly :

August 5th
Koala Lumpur

Lay-in in the morning until like 11 or so then we headed out to find something to eat , we ended up in a cafe near sungei wang mall – a small Chinese cafe place. I ordered a wonton noodle soup again , we also called a ‘toast with peanut butter and condensed milk’ to share between us.


They pretty much gave us half a loaf of bread with peanut butter and nuts and all that on the top of it. Despite looking very odd it was pretty good.

We then walked around sungei wang mall and ended up in some horrible horrible girly shop with lots of useless stuff , clothes, plates , cutlery and everything crappy like that – I took a few minutes to reorganize one of the stuffed animal displays


Back to the hotel after this where we chilled out for a while , we then got picked up by my cousin and went to a flora display (the plant , not the butter)
I guess it was pretty impressive… as flowers go… Lots of different colours and styles.




I enjoyed the garden design competition entries the most , university and school students attempting to design a nice garden and such
Heres one of the better more innovative ones..


And here’s a weird garden edition of what I can only assume was something inspired by a long session of wake island.


Oh also. This plant display looks kinda like a rampant rabbit or something…


They also had lots of baby fruit and veg plants to buy which was quite intresting to see , heres a chilli plant and a pineapple plant – I had no idea how pineapples grew and assumed it would be a tree.. apparently not though.



At some point we also took a ride on this…


We rode around up the river to look at the scenery and such and then rid back , it was a nice break from staring at colourful flowers and was nice if only for the breeze it brought with it.
–insert first person boat view here-

After we finished looking at all the pretty (boring) flowers we headed to take a brief look at the sultans house or something like that , it was super huge and probably had its own post code.


We then went to the Carrefour , essentially a supermarket – nothing huge to report here.. I bought some mentos , milkybar and some kit kat ball things to eat on the plane tomorrow. One of the things different here was that they do a sort of pick and mix on biscuits and crackers and that , grab a bag and fill it with whatever you want.


Dinner was at a Chinese restaurant , we had a steamed catfish – which tastes of pretty much nothing , just generic fish meat taste :/
We also had frog , lala’s and… stuff… It was all very okay and nothing particularly special which was a shame as its our last meal in Malaysia. Ah well , can’t win em all.