Yatterman (2009)

So on the plane home I couldnt really sleep much , instead I had to pass the time by listening to music , playing sudoku and watching a movie or two..
Other than ‘Dragonball Evolution’ , I watched…

yattermanI believe yatterman is some sort of japanese superhero , I know that this is a live action movie adaptation of an anime but ive never watched the anime.. or heard of it really aside from ‘Tatsunoko VS capcom’

So the film is about some skull stones which make bad shit happen and yatterman (both of them – because the guy is called Yatterman no 1 and the girl , his girlfriend who dresses exactly as he does but in pink is called Yatterman no. 2) has to gather all the skull stones in order to not… make.. bad shit happen…

The main villains in the film then are these guys… the doronbo gang

2k1u7d00000homvjWho are basically team rocket (but with a really hot kinky dressed jesse) , they get in yatterman’s way as much as possible by building giant mecha robots (of which the fund are gained by conning townspeople – as is shown in the film) – of course yatterman has his own defense against the giant mechas they use , in the form of yatterwoof – the giant red robot dog in the top picture

The film also has 3 songs complete with dances , one scene with a giant pole being rubbed against yatterman no.2’s vag (zoom shot too) , 3 giant enemy mechas and lots of unneccesary fanservice scenes.

This trailer video should hopefully sum the rest up.

Not sure if its because I wasnt expecting much or what but this was a genuinely really enjoyable film for me – way more entertaining than harry potter or… anything else ive watched recently (ong bak 2 im looking in your direction you big letdown you)

Ive probably already spoiled the film too much already , just go download it already.