Shadow Complex

So i played quite a bit of Shadow Complex this morning using the demo glitch (essentially lets you turn the trial into the full game , but you cant save)

Its very very awesome , it feels somewhat like if Metal Gear Solid got merged with Castlevania SoTN , which is definately a good thing.

So clearly the best thing about this game is the ‘Friction dampener’  , whoever thought this shit up deserves a medal. Essentially if you sprint in 1 direction for >5 seconds… you go supersonic – the screen blurs , the sound is like if you suddenly went underwater and your  dude just runs through people / walls / crates and generally fucks stuff up.

Graphics are very impressive for an XBLA game , as is the size of the map…


Unfortunately before i could finish the game , my glitched demo glitched on me and essentially i got stuck in an exploding building with all exits blocked – This is apparently a very common glitch at the moment , even in the full retail game and what sucks is that (according to boyce and some people on .sows anyway) its pretty much the end of the game :<
As such , havent technically finished the game.. but more or less >_>

Heres a video of the aforementioned glitch – basically im supposed to escape by running up the lift shaft… only the end of it is blocked by rubble and then… well… you’ll see. (3.5mb)

ps. foam gun is way not as useful as you would think.

pps. Game is around 4 hours – making the 1200MS points a little expensive….