Pre Term Life

So because i moved in like a week and a half early , the past week has just been lazing around doing pretty much nothing all day.I wake up at around 12 , then the rest of the day usually … Read More

2nd Year Accomadation

So i havent even showed you guys my new house yet , firstly , my roomLots of storage space behind the giant mirror cupboards , and the stuff in the middle opens up as well – i have about 20 … Read More

Pre-Moving out day..

So i think im done packing majority of my clothes and stuff in my suitcase , obviously still to go is my computer , peripherals , and whatever else i decide to take tomorrow morning.Of course , im pretty sure … Read More

And then it all came at once

Complete drought of PC games for a good 2 months or so and then whamo Resident Evil 5 is pretty awesome so far , finished chapter 2-1 on normal.Runs impressively well , 50fps or so average @ 1920×1200 with no … Read More

Nvidia 3d Motion Discover

It lives! (You need Red/Cyan glasses) I saw a thread on WSGF with some guy basically talking about this , I had no idea it existed – arguably my own fault for never updating my drivers. basically in the … Read More

Macross Frontier

Finished Macross frontier tonight , it was…. pretty damn good.25 episodes and i finished it in 4 days says it all i think. The anime is somewhat of a mix between some sort of bizarre musical and space dogfighting , … Read More

Dennou Coil

So i finally finished Dennou Coil today , a 26 episode anime series Definately one of the better anime’s ive seen , with a very unique universe.The closest thing i can sort of compare it to i guess is the … Read More

£22.77 poorer

But the blog will be online another year at least.I didnt say anything about updating said blog however 😛 I thought i should do something special to celebrate , and concluded id draw something awesome for you guys.Unfortunately the best … Read More